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Walking Essentials Checklist

Walking is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep fit. Whether you’re walking miles for endurance, or a leisurely walk on your local trails, it all helps toward a fit and healthy heart. We’ve compiled a list of a few suggested basics for those heading out on a day hike.

Take a look at the list and use it as a guide to find the right walking essentials for you. You probably have an idea about the basics of walking gear, but there are items out there that can make the trip easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable.

This checklist features a basic overview of what is available and why you might need it.

Walking Clothing

The correct clothing at the very least will make your walk more comfortable, but it could also prevent much worse. Things like waterproofs will help you tackle the elements, but avoiding materials like denim and cotton where possible will help you dry quicker and maintain your body temperature.

Walking Footwear

Arguably the difference between a pleasant walk and an unpleasant walk, getting the right footwear and thus caring for your feet is of the utmost importance. All GO Outdoors stores offer a free walking boot fitting service, complete with ramps to try the boots out at varying inclines/declines to make sure the walking boot suits you. If you can't make it to our store, check out our walking boots guide for tips on what to look for when buying and fitting.

What to Carry in your Rucksack

The art of being prepared isn't just in what you wear, it's what you take with you to be ready for every eventuality. You should always pack for changeable weather, mountain tops are often much colder than when you set off.

  • First Aid Kit
  • Mobile Phone (Fully charged)
  • Emergency Whistle
  • Map & Compass (Even if you use GPS)
  • Torch or Headtorch (Important at all times, but especially through Autumn/Winter months)
  • Suncream (Even if it doesn't look that sunny, UV rays can still get through)
  • Sunglasses (Snow can be bright, so worth taking them in winter also)
  • Blister Relief
  • Spare Laces
  • A Bottle of Water (Keep yourself hydrated)
  • Flask of Hot Drink (A great idea for cold walks)
  • High Energy Snacks (Flapjack, Kendal Mint Cake offer a release of energy when tired)
  • Any Necessary Medication (With spares)
  • Spare Socks (In case yours get wet)
  • Survival Bag (A cheap bit of kit you'd hopefully never need, but you'd be thankful you had if you did.)
  • Emergency Contact Details (If the worst happens and you can't communicate, it's a good idea to have this info on your person for rescuers)

Optional Extras

Optional extras that can help aid your comfort when out hiking

Now it's your turn..

This checklist is a guide for you to build from for your own walking trip; use it to help build your own walking checklist. Alternatively, why not download our walking checklist to take in store: