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Bike Delivery and Assembly

Ordering a bike from GO Outdoors couldn’t be easier. Find out how in the short video below.

Take delivery of your new bike at home (part-assembly required) or collect your new bike from your local store.

Using our “Click & Collect” delivery service you have access to our entire bike range and the benefits of our in-store service. Your bike will be delivered to your chosen store* where our team of expert technicians will inspect and fully assemble your bike so it's ready to ride. And for added peace of mind, after six weeks of riding, we will happily inspect your bike to ensure it is in good working order.

While you're visiting the store collecting your new bike, make the most of your GO Outdoors Membership to grab all the clothing, accessories, tools and sundries that you’ll need for maximum fun and comfort in the saddle.

Bikes are complicated and buying a new one can be daunting. If you need some pointers, pop into a GO Outdoors store where our team of experts will happily talk you through the different options and help you to find the right bike for your budget.

Only bikes purchased in store are eligible for the Government’s Cycle to Work scheme.

* Click & Collect delivery and workshop services unavailable at GO Outdoors and GO Express stores in Southport, Fox Valley, Hathersage and Launceston.

Benefits of using GO’s Click & Collect service include:

  1. Bikes are fully assembled and leave the store ready to ride
  2. All bikes PDI`d (pre delivery inspection) by our trained in-store technicians
  3. Full range of clothing, parts and accessories available to buy
  4. Free six-week bike health check
  5. Trained and knowledgeable team with full workshop facilities to support any aftersales queries


A guide to assembling your bike

Assembling your bike

This is a general guide to assembly. For a detailed, step-by-step instruction to building your specific model, please refer to the owner’s manual. This can be found in the small accessories box included with your bike.

If you encounter any issues during assembly, please note that you may take your bike to any GO Outdoors store other than Hathersage or Southport for assistance by one of our trained bike technicians.

You can find a video guide for unboxing and assembling your new bike below, or follow the instructions below.


Unpacking the bike

  1. Lift the unassembled bike upwards out of the box and place it safely on the floor. Take out the saddle and small parts box.
  2. Use a pair of snips to cut the zip ties holding the parts of the bike to the frame.
  3. Remove the front wheel from the frame by sliding towards the front of the bike.
  4. Remove all the card and packaging, including wheel guards.

Fit the saddle

  1. Apply grease to the inside of the seat tube and insert the seat post.
  2. Align the saddle so it is pointing straight ahead along the line of the top tube.
  3. Close the quick release clamp or tighten the allen bolt on the seat clamp.

Installing the handlebar

  1. Remove the four handlebar clamp bolts using a 4mm allen key.
  2. Mount the handlebar on the stem.
  3. Tighten the four bolts gradually. One turn per bolt following an x pattern across the four bolts.
  4. Ensure the clamp gap is even and the handlebar is correctly centred.

Fit the front wheel (quick release)

  1. Turn the wheel the right way round. Use the direction indicators on the tyre wall for guidance.
  2. Rest the dropouts notches on the wheel axle
  3. Take the quick release (QR) skewer and add one of the conical springs facing inwards
  4. Insert the skewer through the centre of the axle from right to left.
  5. Add the second spring to the left hand side followed by the tensioning nut
  6. Hand tighten the tensioning nut with the QR lever
  7. Close the QR lever, which should be stiff to close

Install the pedals

  1. Identify which pedal fits each side - R goes on the same side as the derailleur.
  2. Lightly oil the threads.
  3. Screw the pedals on by hand to avoid cross threading.
  4. Tighten using a 15mm spanner, derailleur side turns clockwise, non-derailleur side tightens anti clockwise.

Cockpit adjustments

  1. Sitting on the bike and line the handlebar stem up with the front wheel.
  2. Tighten the pinch bolts on each side of the stem.
  3. Pull the front brake and rock the bike back and forward.
  4. If the headset/handlebars feel loose, loosen the pinch bolts and carefully tighten the stem top cap bolt. Tighten the pinch bolts and rock the bike again to check the headset is tight.
  5. Check the handlebars turn easily. If they are stiff you have over-tightened the top cap bolt.
  6. Remember to fit any bells and/or reflectors



If you encounter an issue during assembly then bring it into one of our Go Outdoors stores for a consultation. If you call ahead this can be booked in. You can also consult the manufacturers website for more information on the specific model.

Unfortunately, we are not able to process faulty or warranty bike returns through our warehouse. If your bike develops a fault please contact your nearest GO Outdoors store where we have a full workshop and trained mechanics who will be able to assist you. Please note, this excludes Hathersage and Southport stores.


We hope you enjoy your bike and get the best from it. We love these machines so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you encounter any problems or faults. We’ll do our best to help. Now, happy cycling!