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The GO Outdoors Guide To Toilets and Toilet Chemicals

At GO Outdoors we stock a wide variety of toilet chemicals, from a neutralizer, which works to kill odours and germs dead, to environmentally friendly cleaners that do not contain formaldehyde which are accepted at all campsites.

The chemicals that are available for your chemical toilet are designed to work on a number of levels, killing germs and removing odours, whilst also ensuring longevity for your toilet, looking after the bowl, and ensuring waste matter as well as toilet paper is disposed of safely and quickly.

Chemical Toilets

Chemical toilets are designed to be used within a caravan and are designed with similar features to a small household toilet. Chemical toilets have an upper section which is used to store the flushing water, whilst a toilet bowl sits below for stored waste matter.

The waste matter, instead of being flushed away into a pipe system, is removed by hand from entering a special area of the caravan.

The most common type of chemical toilet is a Porta Potti and many GO Outdoors customers find that this is a suitable and easy to use solution for when 'nature calls'.

Porta Potti

The Porta Potti is a fresh water flushing portable toilet which needs no connection to mains or drainage systems, which is why it is ideal for use in a caravan. Usually the fresh water level equals the waste water level and the two areas are totally separate for hygiene.

All models of Porta Potti have an integrated swivelling pour-out spout with a pressure release button. This ensures when it comes to emptying the toilet, the spout ensures splash-free emptying.

The waste tank typically comes with a simple opening system that allows it to be emptied with ease, whilst the tank also contains and indictor that shows it needs to be emptied.

Internal Cassette Toilet

An internal cassette is a more permanent solution than a porta potti, as instead of being able to be transported, the cassette is a fixed, permanently installed toilet.

It works much like a home based toilet with the exception that the waste tank is accessed from the outside of the caravan. Most internal toilets need toilet chemicals to break down the waste matter, and water for the tank to encourage it to flush with clean water that doesn't encourage grime or the build up of dirt.

What Chemicals To Choose For Your Portable Toilet

Pink: For the clean water tank and flush

Pink Chemicals are built for work with flushing water. The pink chemicals for flushing water have multiple functions, as well as keeping the flush fresh and clean, it also cleans out deposits, working like a home cleaner to clean off grime.

Pink chemicals are added to the fresh water tank to ensure a smoother flush and is perfumed to combat unpleasant odours.

Blue / Green Chemicals: For the waste tank and breaking down waster matter in the bowl

Blue or green chemicals are applied for use in the waste tank. The blue or green chemicals in your waste water tank help break down whatever is in there, whilst also helping to keep smells at bay.

They break down waste matter in the holding tank for easy removal whilst also reducing unpleasant odours and build up of gas.

Toilet Chemicals and Toxicity

Some toilet chemical designed to break down waste matter are toxic, and can contain formaldehyde. Other toilet chemicals are made without formaldehyde so are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Formaldehyde is used in a variety of other professions, and is a strong chemical which is also used in embalming!

The reason formaldehyde is used in toilet chemicals is because it is such an effective product. It is worth noting that due to it's strength, formaldehyde is a toxic chemical, which means it can be harmful if used incorrectly.

If you are disposing of water that has been treated with formaldehyde, ensure it is placed in the correct area. Dumping this waste water inappropriately can cause serious harm to the environment as it is very toxic to wildlife, so take caution if you do choose to use this type of chemical. Household bleaches won't be suitable as they contain high amounts of chemicals not suited to a portable toilet that can harm the way it functions.

Chemical Toilets and Toilet Paper

Toilet paper that is used with a portable toilet should be caravanning specific and less padded and luxurious than a fixed home toilet alternative.

Slimmer toilet papers that are specifically designed for chemical toilets are able to break down quicker in the waste tank, meaning they have less chance of clogging and less need for extra holiday plumbing!