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Meindl Meran GTX Men's Walking Boots

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A traditional walking boot designed with comfort in mind.

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Product code: 15896977 / 148318

A traditional walking boot designed with comfort in mind.

GORE-TEX® TechnologiesThe Meindl Meran GTX are walking boots built with comfort in mind. It's moderate flexibility is built for longer walks on defined trails.

Part of Meindl's comfort range it features a wider fit, ideal for people with slightly wider feet. 

The upper is made from waxed nubuck leather and features the GORE-TEX membrane which means your feet will remain dry on wetter walks, but also allows your feet to breathe preventing heat spots which can lead to blistering.

The Meran's footbed is made of fleece and cork to help keep the boot light, while also absorbing much of the shock when walking on rougher terrain. 

Meindl's quality is well known throughout the world and these boots are no different, ideal for the avid hiker. 
B0 - Not Suitable for Crampons
Standard Lace Up
GORE-TEX, Waterproof
Boot Cut
Not Crampon Compatible
Soft: for low level walks on defined trials
Nubuck Leather

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Men's Footwear Size Guide

Measuring tips

Take your actual body measurements as they are more accurate than measuring over your clothes or shoes.

Feet: Use a ruler or tape measure to measure your foot (from the heel to the tip of your longest toe) Be sure to measure both feet. Many people have feet of different sizes. Fit to the larger of the two.

Remember, feet can expand over a quarter size during a full day's walk so ensure you get the right fit.

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Rating

3.24 out of 5
37 reviews
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3.24 out of 5

they leaked

The right foot leaked after only 3 months despite regular re-proofing them. Not what I expected from a £200 pair of German manufactured boots!!!
I then had to wait for them to be sent back and verified to be offered a gift card credit.

3.24 out of 5

Meindl Meran

Really comfortable wider fitting boot. Mine are seriously worn out and now starting to run downhill. They have been great boots and I'm just about to buy some more.

3.24 out of 5

Excellent Boot

pointed with the other reviews.
I do a LOT of walking/trekking throughout Northern England. traditionally, I have to get an oversized boot to accommodate my fat feet. Then bought boots on the basis that they fitted .... only the Meran passed that test.
My first pair lasted until the soles wore out, some minor cracking of the lower leather due to poor routine maintenance.
Now got my 2nd pair ... fantastic, the most comfy boot ever for your long distance trekking.

3.24 out of 5

Too early to tell. .....

Haven't done any serious walking in these boots yet, but they felt noticeably more comfortable than other boots that I tried on. (Admittedly these boots were at the top end of my price range. )

I would say be patient when purchasing boots, ask for advice and study the net. I paid three separate visits to the store. Don't be afraid to walk away.

Finally, definitely take up Go Outdoors 'comparison ' price offer. I was amazed by the amount of money that was taken off the top line price of the boots.

Come back to me in a years' time regarding an operational review of the boots.

3.24 out of 5

They leak

After further use and following 2 good reviews, I now have to report that these boots have failed.
I have recently completed the Coast to Coast walk, through some wet and boggy conditions. Both feet were repeatedly wet through, not from sweat and not from water coming over the top. The seams leak on both boots. They are simply not waterproof and I will be taking them back.
I have looked after them really well but despite this they leak. Very disappointed because in all other respects they are good boots. But in the UK you can't expect to always walk in dry conditions (which are all these boots are good for).

3.24 out of 5

Meindl leather boots

An overpriced boot. Poor quality leather with pathetic warranty.

3.24 out of 5

Comfortable boots, but they leak!

I found these to be really comfortable and easy to walk in, most suitable for low level walks on curated paths.

However, they leaked on the 2nd outing. After reproofing I tried them again in damp, but not rainy conditions and they leaked again. This was after waxing the nubuck, not just using liquid proofer. Go Outdoors at Canterbury were there usual very helpful selves at sorting out the problem.

These boots are very thin leather with a lot of stitching, so I suppose they are more prone to leaks than others in the Meindl range, but I can't really figure why they are more expensive that a more substantial boot like the Bhutan.

3.24 out of 5

They stood the test....

I reviewed these boots in early June, before putting them to some significant tests. Since then I have done the West Highland Way (94 miles) and also the Yorkshire Three Peaks. These boots pass the test very well, hence the up-grade to 5*.
For anyone who knows the West Highland Way, the terrain is very punishing for boots, feet and ankles. Much of the old military road is like a dried up river bed, whereby you have to watch your foot placement, but inevitably you will put your ankles at risk and also give your boots a hammering. Same too with the section skirting Loch Lomond. My final day was Glencoe to Fort William, 23.5 miles of tough going for boots, feet and ankles, but these boots never let me put a foot wrong. Dry, comfortable and intact feet and ankles at the end of it.
Also the 24.5 miles of the Yorkshire 3 peaks was not a problem in these, even on a hot day - feet stayed in good condition, without excessive sweating and no abrasion. They permitted a decent time of 8hr 45min, so no complaints.
These boots are none the worse for wear. They are comfortable, even from brand new, but just get better. They keep feet DRY and your feet and ankles well supported. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for general hiking and walking, but something with a stiffer sole for mountain and very rocky treks. That said, I had no problems with the scramble up Pen-y-ghent and Ingleborough (those of you who know the terrain in the anti-clockwise direction will know what I mean!). Great. Highly recommended.

3.24 out of 5

£100 boots masquerading as a £200 pair.

I bought these boots in August 2016 and they have been some of the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. I have walked around 2500 miles in them and they still remain comfortable. The down side is the soles are completely worn down and the leather split on both boots. They leaked from about a year old, despite using waterproofing creams and eventually waxes. I asked Meindl if I should have expected more and which boots I should buy to replace them. Their advice was to buy a boot with a B graded sole as opposed to the Meran AB sole if I wanted more durability. I already have 3 and 4 season boots but prefer these more flexible types of boots for walking National trails. I have used mine on the SW Coast path and Cotswold way. I may be being a bit harsh but the Meran now have an RRP of over £200 very similar to Meindl 3 season boots with B graded soles. They seem to be targeting the Berghaus/Brasher market but these are much cheaper and I expect will last just as long as the Meran.
I would consider buying them again for a specific long-distance trek due to how comfortable I find them, but in the short term I have voted with my feet and bought a pair of Berghaus for just under £100.

3.24 out of 5

Good quality, wider fit.

I bought these to replace some membrane boots that developed a leak over the forefoot after only 6 months. On this occasion I wanted to get leather boots for longer-term water resistance. These Meindl Meran's are a combination of Nubuck leather outer and membrane lining, so I am hoping they will keep my feet dry over a longer lifespan. One of the first things to do is to obtain suede/Nubuck water-proof spray to treat them and keep the outer skin in good condition. Not wax, which can ruin nubuck.
The fit is wider than most boots, which suits me well. I have a low volume but wide foot, so I have found it necessary to put some good quality cushioning inserts into the boots to bring the foot up a little. The extra width prevents rubbing of the big toe or the 4th/5th toes, but at the same time no "looseness" either. Both problems can result in skin abrasion and blister formation, which I had with my previous boots after long distances.
I find the ability to change the hold on the foot whilst in the boot almost limitless with the lace system. I can tighten or loosen the forefoot, tighten or loosen the lower ankle and also the upper ankle. I find it best to finish the tie by coming down from the upper eyelet to the one beneath, that way the upper ankle doesn't dig into the shin. The ankle is high on this boot, which some might not like. Although soft and made of memory foam internally, it still needs a little breaking in and also after 5 minutes it is best to re-lace for comfort.
The boot is not too heavy for me, even though it is a size 12. The sole is an A/B, which is flexible rather than firm, so ok for hiking on trails, but not over rocky terrain or climbing.
I have given these 4*. They are good, quality boots at a reasonable price and I think they will do for some time, but the test will be a 94-miler next week at 20 miles per day. If no problems then maybe a 5* after that, but I am still doubtful that I will get away without a problem, having performed some shorter walks with them already. 50,000+ steps in a day tends to find problems with new boots and so far I haven't taken them to this level. Over time I suspect they will ease up and be very comfortable, but they are not a 5* out of the box. That said, I doubt any off-the-shelf leather/nubuck boots would be, but these come close.

3.24 out of 5

Feel so comfortable

While here in Spain I would not expect too much wet use I have found in cooler months these boots are really comfortable and fit really well. I normally have a size 43 (9) but for both of my new footwear from GoOutdoors of Meindl I have found that the extra 1/2 size fits them very well. Just hope they last as long as they should for the price. Very happy with both at the moment.

3.24 out of 5

Update of review

I thought only fair to Meindl to update the review I posted.
The boots were confirmed by Meindl to be faulty and I received a full refund (I have given up and reverted to previously reliable Lowa Mountain GTX Boots that lasted 15 years before the midsole crumbled).
Shame GoOutdoors doesn’t stock them as you’ll never see a negative review on them alas Meindl not so.

3.24 out of 5

Meindl Meran GTX Men's walking boots

As successor to be long lived previous pair of Meindl boots, they were up to same high standard.. Mould to feet and ankles , plenty of room to wiggle the toes, comfortable still after 10 miles walking on rough ground.

3.24 out of 5

Very poor duralbility

I purchased these in September 2017 having had previous other brand boot spring leaks within two months. Having paid £170 for these I thought that they would be really good quality however a few weeks ago I started to get damp feet, this is despite from the day I had them keeping them clean after each walk and treating the uppers with Leder Gris once a month. The leather cracked on uppers at the fold point, the sole has worn way faster than vibram and they’re shipping water faster than the titanic! Save your money and buy Altbergs. My Altbergs that I’ve been alternating days with these Meinds are still in absolutely unworn/unmarked watertight condition.
I will be returning these to GoOutdoors but don’t expect any joy despite the manufacturers warranty.

3.24 out of 5

Meindl Meran GTX Men's Walking Boots

This is the first serious pair of walking boots my husband has had. He finds it difficult to buy shoes or boots that are comfortable, but he is getting on really well with these. We walk most days so this is important to us and these boots are fine on any terrain. A really good quality boot.

3.24 out of 5

Very comfortable, bit slippery

Very comfortable to put on - feels like a pair of slippers. Bit stiff at first but took only a week to break in. Half sizing means I got a perfect fit. Keeps my feet very dry and not too heavy. Have noticed some slipping on very wet/icy ground though.

3.24 out of 5

2 year review update

I bought my boots in 2014 and initially they felt comfortable and the leather of what you would expect of a boot at this price. They developed a leak 12 months on and go outdoors arranged to send them back to miendl. Miendl comfirmed the fault and i got a new pair.These have performed well except the soles have worn quite badly and seem very soft on rocky terrain,the stiching is also starting to wear. Not the quality i would expect after a little over a year. I do cover more than the average walker but i still expected better. The vibram sole would have been a better addition. I have just purchased a pair of Altberg Nordkapp,for only 20 quid more and the difference is on another level. Factory fitting service and advice is brilliant. Definitely would reccommend Altberg. Cannot fault Go Outdoors service though

3.24 out of 5

Leak after 11 months

Very comfortable boot, very slippy on certain surfaces wet concrete and similar. However boots began to separate from the sole at the same point on both boots letting water in. 1 boot had a hole ripped In the leather where the boot naturally bends. Meindl said that this was "normal wear and tear" and infered that my lack of care was to blame. I don't know how my care should stop the sole separating from the boot. I will never buy meindl again.

3.24 out of 5


Having had two pairs of Meindl boots previously, one four season pair which I bought 20 years ago and still have and one 3 season pair which I bought about 5 years ago and have worn out, I thought I was on fairly safe ground when I bought these from Go Outdoors in Penrith just before Christmas 2016. I was wrong, the left boot has a pinch point on my big toe joint which hopefully will eventually ease, it is nice and snug around the ankle. The right boot does not support my ankle at all no matter how tight I do the laces, around the toes it feels like a bigger boot. I am actually thinking of wearing a third sock on my right foot. At this price I at least expected uniformity of size but I question where the boots were made - China ????

3.24 out of 5

Total disappointment

I’ve had a pair of Meindl boots for about 16 years now but they were getting old an quite heavy. I fancied something lighter with some improved technical features like Goretex. Although pricy I tried these on in the shop and they felt so comfortable I thought they would be worth it. Read the other reviews as there are consistent problems. First the sole is NOT Vibram. Unlike their other boots Meindl have not used Vibram and you notice the difference to the extent that I lost confidence in these boots - so slippery. I have largish feet so bought the size 12. After a long and hard walk I had wrecked both large toenails as they are small in size when used under pressure. For some reason they gave me vey bad blisters both side of each heel - something about the design of the heel area. I know we are all different but this was not good. I will say that the Goretex waterproofing was good and was tested in some very bad English winter conditions. After just three walks, one over 100 miles, I gave them away and I’m back to my 16 year old boots and still looking for a replacement. Do NOT buy these boots.


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