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A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer when you visit certain websites. Cookies are essential for us to be able to keep track of your progress through our website and remember such things as what is in your shopping basket and any selections/preferences you change during your visit. They allow us to remember this information for the next time you visit our website.

Cookies are not programs and therefore cannot contain viruses or other malicious software. Nor do they allow the website to interact in any way with your computer settings or files.

To order products from our website, you need to have cookies enabled, but if you don't want cookies enabled, please see the Managing Cookies section for assistance on how to turn them off.

We are providing this information in order to comply with recent legislation and to make sure we're honest and clear about your privacy when using our website. To read further, unbiased information about the use of cookies, the following website is a useful independent source:

Types of Cookies

Cookies are used for a variety of reasons on the GO Outdoors website, below you will find an explanation for each.

Our Site Cookies


We use our this cookie to track you from page to page, allowing us to remember such things as what you have in your shopping basket. Without it, for example, you would be unable to proceed through the shopping process as the order information would not be retained.


This cookie is used to keep track of whether or not you are logged in, and if so, who you are logged in as. If you are logged in, your shopping basket contents are retained against your user profile in the database. This means that the next time you visit and login to the website, your shopping basket contents can be restored. There is absolutely no sensitive data stored in this cookie - we just store enough information to identify you in our database. This information is fully encrypted.


An alert to customers when cookies aren't switched on.


To provide customers with recently viewed products on the product page.


Detects and remembers if the browser is on a mobile device.


User login related.


Tracking cookies for presenting relevant cross sell products.


Used to remember how you like to view products in categories (gallery or list view).


To track user activity through the Reserve and Collect process for marketing value. Only visible when coming from Affiliate Window links.

Google Analytics Cookies


This is a system used by many websites to record information about users that visit a website. These cookies are used mainly to enable us to examine the success of our website, to improve our users’ experience and to differentiate between first time visitors to a website and repeat visitors.

They do not contain any personally identifiable information. You can find out more about how Google use cookies at

Third Party Cookies


Criteo provide GO Outdoors with personalised ads for our customers when visiting other websites by placing their cookie on your computer, this cookie does not contain any personal information. For more information on Criteo click here.


Struq provide GO Outdoors customers with customised ads based on what you have browsed on the GO Outdoors website by placing a cookie on your computer, this cookie does not contain any personal information. For more information on Struq click here.

Customers can opt out of third party ads from these companies at any time by following the directions on their websites.

Managing Cookies

If all cookies are disabled on your computer, it will mean that your shopping experience on our website will be limited to browsing and researching and you won't be able to add products to your basket and purchase them.

Depending on which web browser you use it is possible to control how cookies are used, or to delete existing cookies from your computer. You can find instructions on how to control the use of cookies, or delete cookies from your computer at (this is an independent external resource – please note that we can’t be responsible for the content of external websites)

Please remember that if you delete or restrict cookies from the GO Outdoors website you may not be able to experience the full benefit of some of the features and services the website has to offer.