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Out of stock - HI-GEAR Aura 3 Family Tent

Out of stock

A simply pitched tunnel tent with standing room, that's ideal for small families.

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Product code: 15916366 / 309970

A simply pitched tunnel tent with standing room, that's ideal for small families.

Hi Gear's Aura 3 is a sturdy, fully waterproof tent with a roomy living area that boasts large panoramic windows, letting plenty of light in and making it a great place to relax.

It's tall enough to stand up inside comfortably, and has a fully sewn-in groundsheet so you're totally protected from leaks, draughts and bugs.

The inner bedroom is made from breathable polyester, with mesh vents for good airflow throughout.

Easy to pitch, it uses strong fibreglass poles in reduced sleeves (less threading through, less stress!) so it will flex but remain stable in windy weather. The abundant guylines are brightly coloured, so it's easy to see on a dark campsite.

And there are extras available to make your camp even more homely and comfortable: the Aura 3 Carpet adds warmth and softness under your feet, the Aura 3 Footprint protects and insulates the groundsheet (and makes pitching even easier), and the Aura 3 Porch extends your sheltered space, giving you a large area for storage, dining or play.

3 - 4 Person
65 x 26
Outer First or As One
Family, Weekend
Lantern Hanging Points, Repair Kit, Cable Access Point, Fly Mesh Door, Internal Storage Pockets, Sewn-in Groundsheet, Fire Retardant Flysheet, Windows, Vents

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Overall Rating

4.58 out of 5
72 reviews
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4.58 out of 5

Big design flaw

Broken pole on the first use in average wind. Middle top pole is thin, but outside two are thick, so it can't flex in wind!

Can stand in it, and didn't leak. But not worth constantly replacing pole.

4.58 out of 5

Almost perfect

A few things need to be improved:

- there is no peg for the front centre on the tent so it lifts in the slightest wind
- the curtains have gaps
- the front door should zip fully
- not stable in wind

4.58 out of 5

Excellent value tent

Used for 8 years camping in Scotland, has withheld rain, wind and sun (unlike previous tents) and is spacious and easy to pitch.

4.58 out of 5

Great little tent!

I bought this tent as I wanted something I could put up by myself easily. This is perfect for me and my 6 and 8 year old!
Good size living area. Bedroom fits 3 single air beds easily. No complaints!

4.58 out of 5

for a few pouinds could be so much betterG

Average tent that could be a very good tent with a few extra pounds on production cost. Are these tent sold without test first? Shows what its like as there been sold second hand already for £40 EBay

4.58 out of 5

First time out and a proper test

The first night we used this tent it absolutely tipped it down with rain, pretty much all night! It took us about 15 minutes to put the tent up in a strong breeze(12-16 mph) once up and we were inside it kept us dry and warm, no water running down the inside, no dampness, nothing. Absolutely fantastic tent at a great price. 100% recommended

4.58 out of 5

Aura 3

Takes 2 people to put up or poles impossible to fit into connectors. Used a weeks camping in mostly warm conditions. Ideal space for 2.curtain design not great as they gape at sides. Specially the ones that fasten upwards. Haven't purchased porch but might consider as slant of front exit means there's no shelter when stepping outside and rain can run inside. . If front door had extension poles it could be utilised as a canopy in warm weather.
All in all reasonable buy.

4.58 out of 5

Hi gear aura 3 update

Thank you Swindon go outdoors
Yesterday came home a day early from new wine Shepton mallet and took broken pole to store
It was replaced free of charge and the excellent sales assistant replaced it for me with new elastic too
Thank you
Now means I will be all ready for next year
Have to say you do need someone to help putting up and down as impossible on your own - which was what I wanted as single and know it would be simply impossible for just me to camp with this tent on my own
Good size once up for me would be ok for 2 but no more people or no space to move
I cooked outside so bought 2 awning poles and windbreak for next year
But thank you for helping me

4.58 out of 5

Hi gear aura 3

Bought for me to use at new wine. Purchased in go outdoors sale was told easy to put up one person could do it
Luckily I was camping with church family so was helped in the end by 3 people (necessary to hold poles)
Alas the centre pole was or became broken so it's very triangular!
I rang go outdoors told poles not included in their guarantee
They don't usually keep these poles so I would have to contact the manufacturer
I'm gutted
A brand new tent !!!! What customer service???
Writing this on holiday in my tent at new wine Shepton mallet and hoping I can find a replacement for the middle bendy bit or I've just wasted about £250
Disappointed single lady

4.58 out of 5

Hi Gear Aura 3 Tent

Excellent Tent, Excellent Price and Service from Warrington, Go Outdoors. Second Hi Gear Tent purchase. Excellent quality and value for money.

4.58 out of 5


My partner and I recently purchased this tent with the carpet and it is a five star tent simple to put up and to dismantle would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a tent of a reasonable size but not too big looking forward to having plenty more camping trips in this tent

4.58 out of 5

Fantastic tent!!

My partner and I are into our second year of using this tent, and it is brilliant!! Easy to get up and dismantle. We got the bundle deal with the footprint, porch and carpet - it was worth every penny, and all came in very useful during a heavy Lake District thunderstorm which led to, what felt like, a river running under our tent!!
The porch is really useful as our kitchen area, and the unit as a whole is really sturdy and safe. We love this tent, and hope to use it for a few more summers yet. 10/10 - it ticks all the boxes for us. Well done Hi Gear!!

4.58 out of 5

Aura 3

This is a great tent. We are into our 4th year of using it. Bought the whole kit, tent, porch, carpet, groundsheet. The porch is really useful in not so good conditions, gives a lot of extra space. We had a week in the Malvern hills last Sept and it withstood a very extremely stormy night. Thought I was going to wake up with no tent around us, but it was fantastic. We use it for vw festivals and I love it. In the time we have had the tent only used the porch a couple of times. We did have some issues when first putting it up, but we are much better at it now. Glad we purchased this tent. It possibly is big enough for two adults.

4.58 out of 5

So far, so good

We have this tent for our tour of lower South America by motorbike + sidecar www.sidecaramerica.com
So far, it's been great. Easy to erect & take down. We roll up the main outer tent and put it into a Lomo drybag, then put the other bits into the original bag which also goes in the Lomo drybag which is strapped onto the sidecar's luggage rack. Getting everything back into the original bag can be a chore, plus it's not waterproof which of course we need.
We're currently in the midst of a huge electrical storm in Uruguay.....it's been raining constantly for nearly 12 hours and it's dry inside. Only one minor problem - when the rain gets extremely heavy, a fine mist gets in along the middle pole seam (just in front of the inner door, i.e. in the porch). I suspect this seam needs to be treated with some tent waterproofing solution and will do this once we get some.
The tent also survived a huge storm 3 months ago in Chilean Patagonia.....no leaks albeit condensation caused a bit of dampness inside on the inner face of the groundsheet.
One great feature is the complete sew-in groundsheet for the entire tent.....no more risk of wetness in the porch area.
Plus the ability to stand up is great.....no more crawling in and out as in the past. We can also comfortably sit in the porch area in our 2 fold-up chairs, with room to spare.
Downsides....so far, none to speak of.

4.58 out of 5

Pleased with tis great tent

Great looking tent with adequate room for two for comfortable short breaks and weekends. Very easy to put up single handed. Plenty of head room to stand up in. Love the pitch in one and the full sized sewn in groundsheet. Material seems to be strong and substantial. Netting on the main door will be a real bonus when I get to Scotland next year and have to do battle with a gazillion midges. Only been pitched in light rain but no leaks yet. The demo tent I looked at before buying was outside and had been in some serious rain recently and was bone dry inside. With the build quality and good material I don't expect to have any problems but if there are any weaknesses then Scotland will find them! Not had the tent pitched in any real wind yet but, again, the substantial material, robust poles and sensible looking guying I am not worried. Ventilation seems to adequate. It's no lightweight to carry but then, it is a strong tent. My only, very minor, gripe is that the curtains on the side windows could use some additional Velcro to hold then in place better. For an extra £10 I would have gone for the Elite version with dark bedroom but I got the standard one on special offer at £40 off so £50 for a dark bedroom was a bit excessive! In all, very pleased and looking forward to my next adventure.

4.58 out of 5

Great tent

I'm into my third year with this tent, suits me and the dog very well. Easy and quick to put up on my own. Stays sturdy in bad weather. I would love to have a blackout bedroom compartment as like most tents it gets very hot in the sun.

4.58 out of 5

Great Tent for Longer Stays

I wanted a tent for longer stays for me and the dog. It needed to be tall enough so that I could stand up in and have enough space for sleeping and living in should the weather not be suitable for being outside. It also had to be pitchable by one person.

After spending a long time at the local Go Outdoors standing/sitting/lying down in various tents I had narrowed it down to three or four, I had a chat to one of the assistants and with his knowledge we eliminated all but the Aura-3. I have had this now for nearly 4 years.

The first time I pitched it it took about 40 minutes, now I know what I am doing I can get it up or down in under 20. I suspect I could get it down even further without the 'assistance' of the dog! Colour coded poles and sleeves make it very easy and efficient.

For some unknown reason on some occasions the poles can be hard to hook on to the pins on one side, if you do find this simply unhook the side that is already in, hook up the side that was giving you problems and then re-hook up the side you have just released. Sounds odd and common sense says it shouldn't make any difference but it does work.

Plenty of space to stand up in both the living and the sleeping areas and enough space for me and the dog to not be tripping over each other all the time. I suspect it would be a little crowded with 3 adults in there.

In addition to the pegs that come with the tent I have bought some heavy duty pegs as we tend to go camping in some fairly exposed campsites. The tent does creak and the outer door flap when the wind picks up but other than that this tent, when well pegged down, appears to be able to withstand more than most. I have used it on the top of the cliffs high above Whitby, a week on the coast on the Inner-Hebrides and 4 days in South Wales in the tail end of a storm (lots and lots and lots of rain and wind). The worst that happened was one of the guy lines worked itself loose and came off it's peg.

Plenty of pockets and a repair kit (unused so far) in the bedroom plus a neat little trapdoor in the main living area to feed your electric hook up cable through make this a great mid-sized tent.

The niggly bits.

Curtains: the triangular windows are OK and two of the curtains fit just fine. However the curtains that are fixed at the bottom of the window and roll up could really do with an extra bit of velcro on the side to stop them gaping.

Outer Door: The door doesn't zip all the way round. This is both an advantage (extra ventilation) and a disadvantage (flaps in the wind). Flapping can be minimised by remembering to reach out and fasten the velcro on the corners when you zip the door closed.

Zips: the quality of the zips on my tent seems to be OK, the biggest problem I have is that if I leave the zips at the bottom of the door (sleeping or inner door) then the dog can get her nose between them and let herself out. To get round this I leave them together higher up, the downside to this is if the tent is moving in the wind then the zip tags jingle together.

All in all a robust tent that has and continues to meet all my long-stay camping needs.

4.58 out of 5


As a frequent camper with a big 6 man tent, we opted for this after reading reviews, and we were not disappointed, we bought the awning also for that added extra room and definitely worth the money. There is so much room within the tent you don't feel like your sitting on top of each other, to the point we even took nephews away for the weekend, gave them the room and we slept in the living area (plenty room), This can easily be put up by 1 person, would recommend ground hog pegs for it and it will withstand all weathers and we experienced them all up the north of Scotland.

4.58 out of 5

Hi Gear Aura 3 tent

I've pitched this 5 times (single handed) this summer, and the experience keeps getting better. The unit is easy to erect anyway, but you find yourself refining your technique as you go. The only thing I'd suggest you need to take extra care of is erecting the main pole first off - as this takes all the initial strain, care is required because you can either split the centre tent pole, or tear the pole sleeve. Easily avoided if you ensure the sleeve is central when you pitch the primary pole though. Plain sailing beyond that, though. I timed myself last strike - from full blown tent to all away in bag was 15 minutes. Easy! I can vouch for its waterproof qualities, having been caught in two heavy deluges, one of which went through the night. Inside the tent stayed dry, so happy days. It is very well made and really spacious and as I said previously, superb value, especially when on offer. I opted for the footprint and carpet - both being no-brainlers which just add to the good experience. A tip for the carpet I've adopted: put Velcro on the edges to hold it in place - works a treat! Overall, my best investment this year and again I can't wait until the end of the month until my next under the stars outing! I unreservedly recommend this tent.

4.58 out of 5

aura 3 tent

after my first tent ripped the guide on the middle guide a reported fault !!, I replaced the tent and spent 10 days in Devon with 30 mph winds and heavy rain with no leaks lasted 2 days I am happy to recommend this tent
but would recommend ground hog pegs
in high winds I am happy with the tent for further vacations PS the sewn in ground sheet kept all the bugs and beasties out


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