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AIRGO Solus Horizon 6 Inflatable 6-Person Tent

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A large inflatable tunnel tent that takes hardly any time to pitch. Perfect for camping weekends with family and friends.

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Product code: 15901494 / 316683

A large inflatable tunnel tent that takes hardly any time to pitch. Perfect for camping weekends with family and friends.

Hi Gear Airgo Solus tents are inflatable, pole-free tents with individual inflation points on each Air Tube - an incredibly quick pitching system that results in a sturdy, rigid tent with enough 'give' to cope with strong wind.

The Airgo Solus Horizon 6 Tent has a simple, spacious tunnel layout with a bedroom, a large living area, big windows to give it a roomy feel and let light in, and a sheltered front porch/entrance area that's ideal for storing gear or lounging in a recliner.
The large bedroom has an optional zipped divider, so you can set it up as a single room for 6, or partition it with four to one side and two to the other. 

Pre-attached luminous guylines keep it stable in windy conditions, and are easily visible in low light (especially on a crowded campsite). A spare replacement air tube is included.

There are additions to the Horizon 6 available, to make your camp even more comfortable. The Horizon 6 Carpet  makes it feel more homely by adding underfoot softness and warmth, and the Horizon 6 Footprint  will insulate and protect the floor (and make pitching the tent even easier).

  • Comes with Airgo pump, steel tent pegs, guyropes attached
  • Spare replacement air tube included
  • Standing height, roomy sheltered living area - more than enough space for a table and chairs
  • Ideal for families and weekend camping
5 - 6 Person
190T polyester PU
Breathable Polyester
78 x 50
As One
Air Tube
Family, Weekend
Fire Retardant Flysheet, Internal Storage Pockets, Sewn-in Groundsheet, Vents, Repair Kit, Fly Mesh Door, Lantern Hanging Points, Windows

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Overall Rating

4.14 out of 5
77 reviews
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4.14 out of 5

Great tent

Just back from camping weekend. The tent stood up to heavy rain and strong wind, absolutely stable. Easy to put up, lots of space, well thought out design

4.14 out of 5


We have the light gray one.. Had it 3 years.. Its strong sturdy big amazing tent.. We love it.. Only down fall is no were To hang a light thats in middle of the tent.. And the mesh about main door.

4.14 out of 5

Fantastic tent

Held up to Yellow weather warning rain storms. Well made and very spacious tent.

4.14 out of 5

Great tent!

Purchased tent last year, easy to go up and down, nice and quick, very spacious, great value for money, no issues at all, camped in all weather from Blazing sun in the south of France to heavy rain!

4.14 out of 5

NOT made to last

Had for 3 years. On our family holiday this year one panel ripped from top to bottom, not even on a seam! Holiday ruined

4.14 out of 5

Airgo solus horizon 6

Fantastic tent put up for first time by myself. Kids and family love it, plenty of room! So secure

4.14 out of 5

She's a strong and sturdy, luxurious tent

This review is after two outings.
The tent is easy set up, it took me 15-20 minutes to put up on my own including footprint and pegging guy lines.
I used Outwell pump for it also supplied by go outdoors.
She withstood 50km/pH winds, was a bit noisy but it would be hard not to be in those sorts of winds, haven't tested her in rainy weather yet but time will tell how waterproof she is.
A lovely spacious tent great for family of four but wouldn't Push for much more if you like your space.
It comes with a spare tube incase of any bursts which is great and an extra large pack away bag which is great because I don't think there are many people who could get the tent back down to itsi original size from sale lol.
The only thing I would say to make it better would be to have the front entrance zip the whole way round and the light Hook to be in the centre of the living area rather than conflict with the bedrooms. Also to have a zip on/off enclosed front so it can be put on in bad weathers and still have use of the porch, though I hear Kampa have one called the Kampa croyde vestibule 6/8 that does the job if you're looking. All in all a great tent so far.

4.14 out of 5

Airgo horizon 6

I purchased this tent for the size and it is a fantastic size plenty of room its been great in most weather. You seem to pick up on small bits that are pretty important in a tent.
.its air and its easier dont buy the airgo air pump get a kampa one
.it has lots of space
.nice colours and good in all weather
.pockets for guide ropes
.no vents inside to have your cooker so you have to leave it in a open porch dont think so not in the rain so you take it back inside and have to have your side door open
.the carpet moves all over it doesnt fasten so it starts to annoy you after a while
.not many places for light hooks one in bedroom thats it.
.the bedrooms very poor design so light and just cheep.
. The porch a good idea at first but point of advise get a tent that the porch zips up
. You can tell its a cheeper brand just for go outdoors exclusively
.air beams no room for expansion and ive heard alot say there no good in summer but other tents are.

My point of advise would be to buy a tent that may be a extra 150 pounds but quality and the little bits all make a difference ive had this for a year and i have now gone to a alternative place camping world in wakefield who showed me around all tents very knowledgeable and gave me a good price for a tent and i ended up with a outdoor revolution what had a good porch but closes. Vents for cooking, darker bedrooms loads of lights points and a lifetime guarantee on the air tubes!!! So i have no need to worry.
I personally think this is a cheep make again just for go outdoors. Its been a good tent but i thought it may have had more about it than what it did im affraid.
Just do your research into other tents before choosing one straight away as there is better ones out there for sure
Again its good in weather but there is so many tents with better qualitys than this for the same price orna little bit more. I hope this helps people shop around more before buying this tent

4.14 out of 5

Love it now.

I originally wrote a post about it not inflating and it going back in the morning.

So, we took it back and found out that something in the pump had moved which we could have easily fixed ourselves so we gave it another shot. It was up within 15 minutes and it’s huge and sturdy. A little tricky to pack away, but it was our first time. Overall it’s a fantastic tent and we’re now planning a two weeker in Europe this summer. We cannot wait.

4.14 out of 5

Great Family Tent

Purchased an Airgo Solus Horizon 6 from Bedford Go Outdoors during August. Staff were great and very helpful. We gave it its first two night outing this weekend. I had done a lot of research but overall it was the layout and open porch that sold it to us. It was very easy to set up (took about 10 minutes to inflate) and then about another 30 to fully peg out and put up the inner bedroom etc. We had friends with tent poles and they were very jealous. The whole tent felt very sturdy and no concerns re kinks or collapsing beams etc. The tent comes with one spare air beam inner tube which was good to know.

Layout and size - ideal for family (M&D in larger bedroom, 2 kids in the smaller one)
Bedrooms have a proper zip divide (not just dividing sheet)
Open porch for cooking / shelter / chairs / boots
fold flat sheet from tent to porch (no trip hazard for small kids)

Negatives / Improvements
No black out bedrooms
No central light hook

In response to various comments / reviews I would agree the open mesh vent above the porch door could do with an additional flap to close/seal during very high winds. we were lucky and it was not particularly windy. Pitching the tent so the porch is not into the wind is probably important and modern tents need plenty of ventilation so perhaps a reason why it is designed as an open vent?
I agree that the lamp holder is in a ridiculous position and could easily be put in the middle beam. we just used a smaller number of LED lights hung up on zip ends around the inner tent, so it was not a major issue.

The fold flap front door velcro bottom seal is unusual, but I believe it has to be velcro, otherwise a zip (or half of the zip)(when folded out) would be directly on the floor and susceptible to damage from foot traffic and also wet grass or mud (if the outer porch groundsheet not in place). I didn't find it a problem.

Our only missing item would be no black out bedrooms - whilst they are a slightly darker material they are not black out as such. This was the one compromise we had to take and would be good to see this modified in future designs.

Packing up - as a first timer with an air tent, this is where I really struggled with air trapped in both the tent and poles and the whole thing became a nightmare (added to my sunday am hangover and lack of sleep!). This is where our friends with the tent poles had the last laugh! I strongly recommend you tube or internet for guides to packing away and wish I had done so before packing up in anger. However, now I know the tips and what to do (fold across the beams, with valves open etc), I reckon I would be able to do it first time.

The overall weight and size of the bag is pretty big & heavy - strongly recommend going to a store first to see if you can lift it, and how much of your boot space it will take up.

Overall 4 stars from us and with some design tweaks, including black out bedrooms it would easily be a 5.

P.S the Airgo groundsheet is bigger layout than the tent, which was odd / frustrating. I would not rush to buy one. you don't want rain entering between the groundsheet and tent groundsheet. I just folded the edges in until the tent covered over it.

4.14 out of 5

Wouldn’t inflate

We were so excited about our new tent, but, unfortunately, we had to go home from our camping trip as it wouldn’t inflate. And the pump broke. It’s going back to Go Outdoors in the morning ??

4.14 out of 5

Airgo Solus Horizon 6

This is the first tent that we bought as a family of 5. We did lots of research and decided to go for it and splash out on an airbeam tent. Unfortunately it did not I've up to our expectations. On our third camping trip this summer the beams became incredibly hard to inflate and the tent bowed in the middle and did not sit right. On the fourth trip down at the Gower in South Wales the tent was just as difficult to inflate and it appeared that the back beam had become twisted. We had a heat wave that weekend and the back beam exploded (very loud sound like a canister going off) luckily the kids weren't inside. There was massive whole in the beam and ripped the back of the tent open (Wish I could insert a picture). Luckily it didn't rain and we managed to hold it up with a windbreaker and some ropes.Go outdoors in Gloucester have been brilliant and we exchanged our tent for a pole Hi Gear tent with credit given on a store card. I would not recommend this tent even though it looks lovely and it has a good size living area. Also its huge to pack in the car!

4.14 out of 5

Kinked air beam.

I have just purchased this tent. Was a bit concerned that a number of people have basically said "don't purchase this tent because a beam has a link in it Now, even tho my tent was bought privately used, only once, I did view it at my local Go Outdoors and was impressed with the construction, so I wondered if the the link really was a problem with the manufacturing or a user error. Ok, I haven't had chance to test mine as I've just returned home tonight from buying mine, but maybe this link might solve the problem of any owners who experience a problem of an airbeam kinking.


4.14 out of 5

We love it

We have the tent and carpet, have been camping in it 4 times since buying a couple of months ago with trip 5 next weekend, the lastest one was in extremely bad weather. We had high winds and heavy rain for a good 6/7 hours by the seafront and the tent withstood it all no problem while others abandoned theirs. We had other campers even comment on how impressed they were with it that one is planning to purchase it. Only negatives are were the light hook fittings are aren’t great although not so much that it’s caused a big issue and the footprint we couldn’t get at time of purchase but have heard it doesn’t fit the tent so we are currently looking an alternative. Tent is heavy so definitely easier with 2 people. There is a vent above the door with no way to close it off which can get nippy at night but we soon realised in that wind the vent needed to be their.
Overall I would recommend the tent and we are happy with the purchase and the fact there is no poles is s bonus. Large space and the canopy at the front is night to sit out in.

4.14 out of 5

Style over function

We were really excited to upgrade our tent and this was perfect!

It really roomy and us easy to assemble - although it's tough to manually pump.

On the second time we used it, we came across its first adverse weather and unfortunately it failed miserably.

Leaks at the Base of each inflatable tube.
Rain collects in puddles on the roof.
The front is essentially a massive wind tunnel, it acts like a sail in strong winds. It needs to be sealed.
The front door is velcro at the foot...why is it not a full zip?
There is no ceiling hooks for lights.
It's baggy and loose.
The side doors can only be opened from the outside!?

Other than that, it's a nice colour.

Wish I could exchange it.

4.14 out of 5

Not all it’s lived up to be....

Purchased this tent July 2017, yes we were impressed with the space... the look of it etc. However, the bedroom seemed saggy and not “up right”. Overlooked it & carried on.
Second time using it this August, currently in North Wales.... wind! The tent can’t cope!!! The beams are bending and tent caving in. The saggy bedroom is even more saggy! Even when tightly pegged in etc.
The front is such a poor design... why there isn’t a full zip there is astonishing?! My dog is constantly finding his way out, so as I type this I’m holding him and trying to assist my toddler! I wish I had just kept my hood old traditional tent and not fit sucked into the hype! Won’t ever be using this one again

4.14 out of 5

Just what we needed

We wanted a tent that was quick and easy to put up firstly because its easier with 3 little people, but also because we are a bit rubbish at this sort of thing. The Airgo didn't dissappoint us. We were able to use the capet from our Kampa Croyde which fitted well. The bedroom layout was either open (6 people) or 4 + 2 bed. Lots of storage pockets in the bedroom area and living space. The bedroom has vented 'doors' at thd top section, which was nice on a really warm evening, otherwise we kept them closed as its not the warmest of tents due to the mesh across the main entrance which cannot be covered over.

We bought the ground sheet and this fitted well.

The side entrance on each side had a small canopy, and bug net which was useful to let some air in.

Fairly simple design, would be really useful to have a cover for the air vent by the main entrance and also a bug screen / net for this entrance too.

Faired well in the wind and rain.

Deflating and packing the tent was simple.

Overall, we are really pleased.

4.14 out of 5

Airgo solus horizon 6 inflatable tent

Great tent.
Spent 10 away in uk .fast to put up.but recommend to try pu up in your garden first.so know how much pressure to put in .i put 8 in all my tubes.ps check tubes are not twisted when they inflate.easy to remedy.good around space.roomy beadroom,and dark.be. Arefyl of lops to hold door up at front
Go in the dry and rain
Would gave 5 out 5 only if all the tubes were not twisted

4.14 out of 5

Highly recommend

We have just used the tent for the 3rd time this year, honestly it is fabulous!! Lovely and big, plenty of space to move around in - infact my hubby who is 6”2 can jump around in it which is just what he wanted. It takes less that 15 minutes to fully pitch, we have just come back from Caernarfon where the weather was awful at times and the tent never moved an inch! And thankfully no rain came in either unlike our old tent which left us drowning :0( there is only 4 of us but we had friends inside and there was still room to move! If your looking for an excellent family tent that will protect you in all weathers then look no further. I love my tent can’t wait to get back out in it again!

4.14 out of 5


I went to Kendal Calling this year with my family of 5 it was a great tent. It was quite rainy and windy at points but the tent held up amazingly. I have to say the pitch time was literally 5 minutes and I recommend for any family who needs an upgrade get this tent it is very sturdy! 100% recommend.

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