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Midge return means repellent needed

Posted 13 May 2011
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Midge return means repellent needed
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Scotland's midge season is underway, with reports of prolific biting being posted by the Scottish Midge Forecast website.

Although the formal forecast does not start again until May 20th, its Twitter site has reported a number of biting incidents.

Yesterday (May 12th), one forecaster tweeted: "Just got munched by several midges when setting up one of the midge traps for the midge forecast on Skye".

A series of further tweets reported bitings and sightings of the creatures.

However, while midges are unpleasant, those heading to Scotland in their walking boots can avoid them by popping into a Go Outdoor store and getting some repellent such as Lifesystems spray.

And while the creatures like to indulge in some blood-sucking, any bites they do inflict will be harmless, merely causing a few minutes of itching.

Those climbing mountains will also be able to get clear of the insects while on the hills, as higher altitude and wind deter them.