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English Nessie caught on camera?

Posted 17 February 2011
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English Nessie caught on camera?
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Those who like to take their fishing rods and angling supplies with them to the Lake District may also wish to take a camera after a kayaker on Windermere spotted a mysterious object moving across the lake.

IT graduate Tom Pickles saw what he thought was a swimming dog, only to realise it was the size of three cars.

He and fellow rower Sarah Harrington swiftly retreated to the shore, but managed to take a mobile phone picture of what appears to be a mysterious creature.

It is one of several reported sightings of "Bownessie" in recent years, which may suggest something akin to the famous Loch Ness Monster exists further south.

However, many are unconvinced, including director of Windermere Lake Cruises Nigel Wilkinson.

He said: "We carry 1.3 million passengers, that is 2.6 million eyeballs ... none of them have ever brought Bownessie to our attention."

The notion a plesiosaur could exist in either Windermere or Loch Ness is widely rejected by experts, as both lakes were filled with solid ice until around 12,000 years ago.