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Wherever you go fishing, it’s essential to be sure of your footing – especially on rock.

We fish all year round, which means that the footwear we use will vary – but, whatever you do, your feet must be comfortable with attire that also offers great foot holding.

Summer and Sandy Beaches…

These months offer up many occasions when you must be mobile, so light and comfortable is best and a pair of lightweight boots or trainer-type shoes are ideal. You can even go one step further and obtain some waterproof shoes so that your feet stay dry – but this is more of a winter issue. Never make the mistake of thinking that sandals or flip-flops are okay, because you are dealing with hooks, leads that carry spikes and lines that can act like cheese wire. Every shore angler, at some time, has probably reeled in, removed a trace, clipped on a new one and recast, but if you forget about the discarded trace and step on the lead wires and hooks or trip over the line, it can lead to injury and possible hospital treatment. So be safe and protect your feet – you’ll need them to get home!

Winter on the Beach…

Since we’re into the colder months, it’s pretty certain that you’ll be wrapped up warm in your insulated suits – but don’t forget to keep your feet warm too! You should wear insulated Wellington boots or thermal boots. These are usually waterproof, which is essential because your feet – or rather what you’re wearing on them – will get wet. The incursion of rain or sea water into your footwear will definitely ruin your session. If you can’t afford insulated footwear, at the very least buy waterproof boots and wear thick socks.

Summer and Winter on the Rocks…

Ankle support and grip are the primary objectives when fishing from rocks. These areas will be uneven and also slippery, and it’s easy to turn your ankle over when accessing a mark or even when fishing it. Boots that come some way up your shin are ideal, especially if they are reinforced in the ankle area. Footwear featuring studs in the soles are also available, which offer you good purchase over weed-covered rocks.