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Many anglers are afraid to lube the bearings on their multiplier for fear of not being able to put it back together. But, in practice, it’s dead simple…

All mechanical things need maintenance and lubrication, especially your reels that take a lot of abuse during a session. Oil not only lubricates your bearings, its viscosity (or thickness) helps control the spool’s revolutions during a cast. It pays to have two or three different grades of oil for different conditions. For example, you can use thinner oil during winter when it’s cold and thicker oil in summer when the heat will thin

The first thing to do is slacken the screws on the handle side and remove the side plate; you can then slide the spool off the spindle. The next step is to remove the circlip that holds the bearing/s in place and slide the bearing/s out of the housing. Wash out the old oil from the bearing/s with petrol, lighter fuel or a solvent such as clutch and brake cleaner – but please do not do this near a naked flame or while smoking! Once you’ve cleaned the bearings, leave it/them on a piece of kitchen towel until all the solvent has evaporated; you can then add a couple of drops of oil to relubricate.

Slide the bearing/s back in the spool housing and carefully replace the circlip, then reassemble the reel and you’re set to go.