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Down Jacket Aftercare


If you've invested in a down jacket, it's important to know that these jackets are cleaned and cared for in a different way to standard waterproof and synthetic jackets. We would recommend wiping clean where possible, if you do need to wash the jacket the down may clump up, but there is no reason to be alarmed. If you follow the simple instructions below then your down jacket should be as good as new after washing it.

How do I wash my down jacket?:

Since the properties of down jackets are so unique, you may have guessed that they take a little extra care to prolong their lifespan. Here we'll take you through the steps of how to wash/clean your down jacket. 

What you need:

  • Down cleaning solution (we recommend Nikwax or Grangers) DO NOT use a standard washing detergent as it can compromise your jacket’s performance.
  • Washing machine/Tumble Dryer (not top loading)
  • Tennis Balls (Optional, but encouraged)

How to wash a down jacket:

  • Empty the pockets, and brush down the jacket of any loose debris and dirt.
  • Ensure the detergent compartment is thoroughly cleaned (to get rid of any damaging detergent)
  • Set the washing machine on a low/cold temperature for the likes of delicates or wool.
  • Place your down cleaner into the detergent drawer and run the slow cycle a few times to ensure all cleaner is removed.

How to dry a down jacket:

  • Remove jacket from the wash and squeeze out any excess water
  • Place the damp jacket into a low temperature tumble dryer (The tennis balls can be added to help fluff out the down)
  • Remove the jacket every 15 minutes and fluff by hand, before repeating the drying process.
  • This process will prevent your down from clumping and therefore ruining the insulation of your jacket.