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The GO Outdoors Guide To Camping Furniture and Storage

When you're going camping you might be in doubt as what to take. Perhaps you don't want to rough it - but don't want to risk taking too little either. 

Here's our basic guide to what you will probably need for a week of camping in terms of storage and furniture. 

  • Camping Chairs - 1 per person plus spare(s)
  • Kitchen table for eating on 
  • Wardrobes/cupboards for the bedroom
  • Kitchen storage for keeping food in
  • A stool for odd uses
  • A hammock for snoozing in

Camping Tables

Camping tables are designed to be used for families, couples or solo travellers alike. Designed to be easy to carry and pack, camping furniture can also be durable and long-lasting, or can be purchased simply for one season use.  

Most tables, chairs and wardrobes are designed to pop up without the use of tools. Typically a sturdy u-leg frame design ensures that your camping furniture is able to stand firm, even on uneven terrain.  

Fold away styles are common, and many camping tables come with their own storage solution provided so they can be easily stored in a car boot when not in use.

Camping Cupboards

Designed to be used within a tent, cupboards are ideal for travellers who don’t need to pack light, or families who want to ensure that they have as much space as possible.

Cupboards for camping are designed using a mix of fabrics and sturdy frames, so that as well as being lightweight, they can also stand up to winds. Compact and packable areas are key, so most cupboards use an easy to move hinge system that allows them to be packed down quickly.  

As well as multiple storage or hanging areas, camping cupboards are designed to allow the clothes to vent, via the use of mesh areas. Poles are typically fashioned from lightweight aluminium, although more expensive camping cupboards can be made from steel or carbon.


Camping Kitchen Stands and Tables


Similar to a table, a kitchen stand is primarily used as an organizing or cooking space when camping.

 Like a table, but usually benefitting from integrated shelves, a kitchen stand is ideal for using when chopping or preparing food.  

A windshield is typically inbuilt into the kitchen stand area, which can be useful when setting up a stove or a bbq system.  

Kitchen stands typically come with included carriers for portability, as well as locking clasps that allow it to hold its position, even in the wind or under pressure.

Tables work in the same manner, and are designed to be easy to pack, with lightweight materials.   A foldaway picnic table can be easily used and transported for use at the campsite season after season. 

When shopping for a table try looking for one that has adjustable legs, as they are much easier to use on uneven terrain.

Camping Hammocks

Hammocks are ideal for camping as they are easily pitched off the ground, ideal if the undergrowth is damp. Designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, most hammocks pack away into a separate carry case making them small enough to fit into or strap onto a rucksack. 

Many hammocks are also twin layered to allow room for a sleeping mat inside or reinforced for extra strength, and are usually made from a hardwearing synthetic such as polyester or nylon or a wicking and breathable cotton canvas. 

Camping Chairs

Camping chairs vary, from simple pop-up styles to ergonomically designed recliners designed for use year after year. For enhanced comfort many chairs come with contoured, padded armrests as well as padded neck and seat areas.

Fabrics vary, from cotton to PVC and nylon, usually created in a ripstop style, or in a thick denier. Steel or aluminium frames are typically incorporated to add resistance against weight and to ensure durability. Whereas steel tends to last longer, aluminium is cheaper, and usually more lightweight.  

Inflatable couches or chairs are popular with many campers, and some have advanced in styling. These can come with a thick level of material that makes them relatively resistant to abrasion. Inflatable chairs and couches are usually locked with an airtight system with a double lock valve, allowing air to be pushed in and then secured, so no leaking occurs. PVC is the typical fabric used for any inflatable product as this is cheap to produce and purchase.