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A roomy, retro tent made for comfy camping in style.

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Product code: 15923962 / 326395

A roomy, retro tent made for comfy camping in style.

Giving you modern comfort with classic design, the Vango Rosewood is a spacious, airy tipi-tent with an added canopy that lets you make the most of the summer sun.

Made with lightweight and tough TC polycotton fabric, it's cool in hot weather and warm on chilly nights. The 'Tied Arch System' makes pitching easier and means the space inside isn't restricted by a central pole, giving you flexible layout options. The sun canopy and covered entrance let you enjoy an open, airy tent without rain getting in.

High and low ventilation panels let air flow comfortably through the tent, while the fully sewn-in groundsheet keeps bugs and draughts out, with an external storm skirt for all round protection.

Practical  touches like cable tidies, privacy curtains and mesh doors make it more comfortable inside, and the guyline runners and expandable carry-bag make pitching and packing simple.

And you can add some optional extras to make the Rosewood feel even more homely - the Rosewood carpet will give you plush underfoot comfort, and the Rosewood footprint makes pitching easier while protecting and insulating the groundsheet.

  • Two entrances with full mesh door, lets air in but keeps bugs out
  • 'Diamond Clear' windows with toggled curtains that can roll away when not being used
  • Zipped entry point for power cables with touch fastener tidies
  • Conveniently positioned lantern hanging points
  • 'Line-Lok' guyline adjusters, hold firm in windy conditions
  • Expandable tent bag with an oversized wide opening and robust compression straps

Oxford Ripstop Polyester Groundsheet - maximises strength and durability
TC lightweight polycotton (200g per m2) - light, durable fabric
PowerPlus Steel Poles give maximum strength and stability
PowerLite 7001-T6 alloy poles - lightweight, compact and durable

5 - 6 Person
TC lightweight polycotton
Oxford Ripstop Polyester
72 x 34 x 34
Family, Festival, Weekend
Cable Access Point, Fly Mesh Door, Lantern Hanging Points, Sewn-in Groundsheet, Vents, Windows
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Ratings & Reviews

Overall Rating

4.18 out of 5
11 reviews
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4.18 out of 5

clip at bottom puling ground sheet up

iff you loosen strap at top wheir divider connects it wont pull floor up simple I use this tent for me and the dog perfect love it cannapy is a sun shade it is desighned for that not bad weather

4.18 out of 5

pegs and doors

first of all the pegs are fantastic in soft grassy ground their not going any place their dug in like a tic rearly hard to get out whitch is a good thing doors should open other way fantastic ten

4.18 out of 5

Near Perfect Glamping Tent but

As an experienced glamper I have had bell tents, tipi tents (with a centre pole), a yurt dome.(geodesic wigwam) and the Lotus Belle.

I look at a tent for pack size/weight, setup time and effort, pack down time and effort, quality, space, performance and aesthetics.

In terms of pack size/weight and packdown it is best in class.

In terms of setup it is equal to a best in class bell tent or tipi tent but different - far fewer pegs but a more fiddly non-central pole. It can be done by one person in 20 odd minutes once you know how to insert the last aluminum pole into the steel A frame - only keep a peg on the opposite side and not the near or centre pegs on that side to relieve tension on the outer/upper roof fabric.

The quality is high getting a high performance set of modern features and whilst the fabric is thinner and poly cotton not cotton (or shingled tarp in the case of the yurt dome) but that is fine, indeed a positive producing the best in class pack weight and size.

The groundsheet does feel minimal compared to the usual 540g/m^s but is a bathtub and insect protector unlike basic bell tents and yurt domes and works fine with the footprint and carpet with no need to provide additional rugs that are usual in the other aforementioned structures and increase load size and volume. All in all, this balances out.

In terms of space it is equal in class to a yurt dome and better than a lotus bell having no central pole. It is more like those than a traditional tipi tent since the walls are more vertical and the ceiling more horizontal - an excellent piece of design and a huge plus.

My first qualm is performance. It feels less solid and robust than any of the aforementioned structures, I suspect it will handle high winds and gusts less well, especially since the upper/outer roof could act like a parachute. Full guying is recommended at all times I would say. They recommend taking down the sun canopy in high winds and whilst that makes sense that would also make water ingress into the tent in bad weather far worse.

That brings me to the first design flaw - the doors should unzip from the centre out rather than as they do, as even with the sun canopy up there can be some small water ingress into the tent upon entering and exiting.

Second the canopy either needs redesigning to be wind proofed or changing just to a wind proofed weather protection entrance way and then maybe the doors do not need changing.

I have not used this in intense sun yet. On the one hand the double roof is a natural sun shade but inexplicably not emphasised in the marketing literature. That is a great feature. There are no air vents in the sleeping area and that might be an issue. The unexplained dark inner ceiling and wall make it easier to lie in but, I suspect, would create a hotter experience than the tan or white material used pretty by everyone else - for sure better than any nylon tent but those are not its competitors. Then again why is the window shade a light material ruining the blackout effect of the dark material elsewhere? (Yurdomes need sunshade as well as ventilation sunshade but perform well given that). There is no need for the ceiling to be the chocolate brown of the walls it could be the same light colour as the upper/outer roof. That would still provide sunshade and make it easier to light at night.

This brings me onto the the final criterion of aesthetics. The dark ceiling means I need far more lighting and gimmick lighting such as lasers and projections have a far poorer aesthetic. The dark wall and ceiling mean that open windows or open doors are essential during the day with a potential loss of privacy. The brown colour makes the internal space more oppressive and less welcoming during the day.

Outside the tent looks better without the sunshade up, why are there no promo pictures of that? I think the tent would look better all in the same light colour and then no windows would be required.

Not one of the aforementioned tents has ever earned 5 stars in my view, as I have yet to find an ideal tent.

This earns 4 stars as I regard packsize/weight, setup, packdown, quality and space as very important, it still has great aesthetics compared to any normal tent. There are some design flaws including IMV the colour, canopy and doors which I can live with (I hope).

There is still a serious question mark over performance but this is designed by an experienced scottish tent manufacturer so I am giving it (and really hoping I am correct) the benefit of the doubt over performance in high sun and high wind conditions.

4.18 out of 5


We bought this tent as it wow’d us in store. However despite its fantastic looks, the quality just doesn’t live up to the price tag.

We found the tent incredibly difficult to put up. Getting the fibreglass poles into the eyelets is tough, you need to be very strong or have at least 3 of you pulling to get the poles in place. The worst bit was the strap that keeps the A frame together at the bottom came apart at the stitching on our first trip away with it. I managed to tie it back together to get us through the weekend but it’s hardly the quality you expect from a £500 tent. Cannot fault Go Outdoors customer service though, they happy replaced it.

Unfortunately the replacement had a rip in door, again poor quality. Took the tent back once again and Go Outdoors offered a full refund.

Positives of this tent include its roomy inside and fantastic looks however that’s about it.

Negatives are that it is difficult to put up, the supplied plastic pegs snap in hard ground, the groundsheet feels flimsy and cheap, the awning is useless, the bedroom divider pulls the floor up and just overall the tent is poor quality, poor show Vango, very disappointing.

4.18 out of 5

- a tent to make you smile!

The passage of years mean that our trusty regular Outwell Yukon 6 is becoming less needed for family holidays as it's a little excessive for just two of us (and lengthy to pitch). Our normal Vango Omega 350, although great, seems a tad small when staying away for a week or so. This being the case an alternative 'sensible' tent was sought. Ideally I wanted steel or ally frame (I've had too many leaky airbeds to trust air frames yet) but all options seemed, well, a bit dull. Whilst web-surfing, I chanced upon the 'Rosewood' and it made me smile! Although bigger than I was looking for, the 20 minute pitch time compensated for that. My wife needed convincing so we tripped out to Thurrock Go-Outdoors to see one in the flesh. We were sold - what a great looking tent! Having just returned form a weeks camping, a few observations. It's easy to pitch but the supplied instructions are rubbish! Watch the videos online to see how to do the job. If not 20 minutes, we can certainly do it in 25 minutes inc all guys. The built in extension is a little style over substance - it'll not really shelter you from much. The poly cotton material and assembly seems to be of high quality and the tent certainly has impact on the campsite. Watch opening the doors in the rain - you need to be careful to avoid a bit of water dripping in. I'd suggest full guying is necessary, I'm not sure how the Rosewood will cope in very windy conditions. As with all tepee style tents, cooler nights do mean that the tent does not keep as warm as a conventional frame tent - closing the lower vents does help though. These things aside, this is a magnificent tent for two wishing to clamp it up a bit!

4.18 out of 5

Vango Rosewood Tipi

Husband was itching to get this tent, having seen it displayed on a sunny day when all the other tents were like ovens, and this was comfortable. We have pitched it three times in the space of two weeks and have got it down to about twenty minutes with two of us. I'd imagine it would be a struggle with one. I strongly recommend watching a video of it being pitched on YouTube first as the instructions that came with the tent were a complete waste of time. We'd still be faffing about with it now if husband hadn't watched the video before we went away (not to self must remember never to expect a phone signal or wifi when camping). Apparently it took 8 of them in the store to put it up, so they said. A member of staff also told us it was very hard to get back in the bag but we found no worse than any other family tent we've had (this will be our third), easier if anything.

It is more spacious than I imagined from pictures on-line and the hanging room divider worked well, better than zip up bedrooms as we hooked it back during the day to give ourselves more space.

It's the first tent we've had that we have felt that we should have got either or both the foot print or tent carpet, as the ground sheet feels quite flimsy, less tarp like than previous tents.

The door zips are not ideal for shorter members of the party. Once the tent's up we just don't fully unzip the doors, so me and the child can still reach. It is not helpful that the doors open at the outer edge of the awning, when it's pouring with rain this is the wettest part of the tent with run off from the awning and you don't fully benefit from the awning when you're coming in and out.

Like another reviewer we had problems in high winds. We had to take the awning down during the night. I wouldn't have been tall enough to do this on my own (about 5'4''). The tent was buckled while the wind was up and reverted to normal when the wind dropped. but one of the poles had developed a split about 3 inches long. This was within one week of buying the tent. Given that this tent is canvas and steel I'd expected to see carnage around the campsite in the morning but much flimsier tents were still standing. This was on the west coast of Scotland, fairly far North at an exposed spot right on the coast. BE AWARE the Vango warranty does not cover the poles, or indeed the canvas, so it would be interesting to learn if anyone has ever successfully claimed under the warranty and for what.

We were only halfway through our family holiday when the pole cracked so the very resourceful husband sourced a tiny plumbing clip that he then put around the cracked pole to give it strength and added a guy rope at the compromised point. We've ordered a replacement pole which has yet to arrive two weeks down the line. We were really fortunate that we were moving from a pretty remote campsite to one near a village with a good hardware shop.

Although another review is very scathing about the yellow plastic pegs, they look odd but once you get them in the ground they are not shifting, in fact it was quite difficult to get them out. Unlike tradition pegs there is no risk of them spinning round. Not sure how well they will stand up to being hammered into stony ground a few times but we have some rock pegs already that can be used if the plastic ones become unusable.

On the whole we are pleased with the tent, it was admired by other campers and it's a bit quirk, Being canvas it's not as hot with the sun on it and was spacious enough for two adults, one child and associated kit, but not as heavy and cumbersome as the previous family tent. One star off for the cracked pole which is not covered by the warranty, but many campers are unlikely to be exposed to such high winds.

4.18 out of 5

Vango Rosewood

Brought this tent because of its spacious design. Kept the rain at bay, but the main "A" frame buckled due to heavy gusts of wind. We also lost due to bending one of the rib poles. Had to get a full refund. Beware!

4.18 out of 5

Vango Rosewood Tipi - wonderful tent

We wanted to replace our trailer tent and had spent more than a year looking at different options. We needed to come to a decision and went to GoOutdoors to look at airbeam tents again. Finding the nylon ones too stuffy we looked at the canvas bell tent on display. Our eye was then taken with the Vango tipi which looked very inviting. We ended up buying it together with a double camp bed and luxury self inflating air mattress as a topper. This matches the bed we had in the trailer tent. We have been away in it twice and although we have not yet matched the 12 minute pitching time shown in the YouTube video, we find it much quicker to erect than our trailer tent. It has attracted many comments and compliments and is extremely comfortable to be in. We look forward to many more outings.

4.18 out of 5

Excellence in action

All the materials are high quality. This tent is a brilliantly spacious design and can with great effort and difficulty be put up by one person. With two people it is a breeze!
4 nights in this tent and no problems to report.
The only thing that lets it down are the tent pegs.
Big yellow plastic things which snap when you try to force them into rock hard ground.
Luckily bought some heavy duty steel pegs so not a problem. Still, come on Vango! A tent at that price point, those pegs are an insult. Disgusting!!!!!
Get some good pegs for this tent and you will not be disappointed.

4.18 out of 5

Magical tent

Bought yesterday after considering other canvas tents. Is excellent value for money and a novel design. Lovely spacious airy feel yet so cosy. Did a practise pitch in park today. Glad we did as not pitched a tent for few years, and is different to other methods. Def takes 2 to get the cross roof poles in. Be aware how high this is to hold up during pitching. And found at 5 ft 1 that I cannot reach top of doors when unzipping. Can’t wait to use this in a few weeks.

4.18 out of 5

Classy, quality tent.

My wife and I wanted to move away from a pole type tent and invest in an air type.
Finding something with the space we wanted without breaking the bank was difficult. With every tent we found there was a compromise to meet.
Then we walked into GoOutdoors and saw the Rosewood (pole tent!) If we incorparated our Coleman Event Shelter, we just new it would work.
We took our Rosewood to Worcestershire for a 3 night trial with our (large) dog and 2 young children (2 and 9). May 2018. Thunderstorms and torrenstial rain for 1 night and 1 afternoon.
The rain 'rolled' off the material and we had the dry cotton feel on the inside. Not a hint of wetness. Exceptionally good.
The space feels luxurious.
We had a high double air bed and a low double for the kids. (The kids were sectioned off.) Holly had her fairly large bed just under the window inside the door. We took a couple of throws to add texture.. (wife's words)
The tent is cozy and warm. None of the 'cold air catching your throat' in the morning.
The hight and roomyness is excellent.
We love it!
With large tunnel tents you do not have the flexability to adjust where you put the space or how much of it you want to take if you visit a small site or stop off somewhere over night.
Especially in hot weather outside, air-y space is the key.
We've gone large with a 4.5m event shelter. It marries up to the canopy on the Rosewood perfectly to give us 10m of covered space. (A slightly smaller shelter would fit onto a standard size pitch)
Getting the perfect set up that suits your needs is difficult.. but we have cracked it.
As a tent, I cannot fault the Rosewood. Its quick to put up and packs away easily.
** One minor design issue** when its raining the canopy does not cover the bottom edge of the door. It would have been better if the doors opened from the centre outwards, rather than the outside folding back to the centre. If it's raining heavy, you quickly get a wet patch inside the door.. However, it's easy to fasten a small 4ft by 2ft tarp in place to deflect the rain from the canopy away that bit further. (We've got it sorted.).

Found a lower price online? We'll beat it by 10%