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HI-GEAR Kalahari Porch

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A side extension for your Hi Gear Kalahari tent, giving you extra shelter from rain or sun.

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Product code: 15900224 / 310140

A side extension for your Hi Gear Kalahari tent, giving you extra shelter from rain or sun.

Quick and simple to set up, this porch extends the sheltered space you get from your Hi Gear Kalahari 8 or 10 tent*, giving you more room to relax, dine or store your gear.

Check out our video showing how to fit the porch to your tent (note: the video shows a different tent/porch, but the same method applies):

*Suitable for standard Hi Gear, Elite and Eclipse models

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Overall Rating

3.52 out of 5
23 reviews
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3.52 out of 5


A real faff to put up and you don't get a complete seal with the tent. It has no ground sheet so rain runs under it soaking anything you may have left on the ground. Really poor design

3.52 out of 5

Poorly made

Leaks and poorly made! also no instructions to put up when received

3.52 out of 5

Nice size but does leak

Used for the first time on bank hols weekend. Took a bit of time to put up. One of the elastic in the poles snapped(didn't affect though) good size. It leaked didn't align up right to tent.

3.52 out of 5

Essential kit

This is simply a must for our family and dogs to add to our 8 man kalahari.
Got the dog pen and kitchen unit in it. Still had room for door mat, boots etc.... only reason it does not get five stars is that it could do with another couple of peg loops. Minor point, but noticeable in wind and welsh rain.

3.52 out of 5

Kalahari 8 man Porch

Easy to set up, only took 10min to fit first time... could have done with a ground sheet and dunno why but there are no hooking points for lights... other than that can’t complain

3.52 out of 5

Kalahari Elite Porch

Bough the porch last month to complement the elite 8 man tent. Looks good but is only fit for calm weather.

A bit of wind and thats it.. it's off. Held onto mine during thunderstorm to stop it flying round the campsite. Poor design and lets the wind rain get under it with potentially serious consequences. Attaching it to the elite tent compromises the structure of the whole thing.

Probably the worst money I've spent on camping so far. Would be better with a canopy/gazebo and basic windbreaks.

3.52 out of 5

Kalahari Porch

Recently purchased the Kalahari 8 Elite. Noticed as others have that you're more likely to find a Unicorn than a BLUE porch. Honestly don't know why you'd want a green one.
For those wishing to have a matching porch the Zenobia 6 elite porch fits perfectly...and is BLUE :)

3.52 out of 5

Ideal porch

Bought this as we are a large family who require a lot of space when we camp. This adds a great space where kit can be placed to allow more living space. Highly recommended

3.52 out of 5

kalahari porch

i have owned the porch for 3+ happy years
i put it up on my own !!!with absolute ease
we have been camping with some very high winds(backlash of hurricane big bertha) few years ago and had not prolems at all with my tent or porch (gazebo got wrecked)
only issues i can complain about are
the gap at bottom
does let (heavy)rain in where joins to tent
and the fact that the blue colour porches are as hard to find as a unicorn

3.52 out of 5

Lets down a great product.

I bought this as part of the Kalahari Elite 8 bundle. Love the tent - it's amazing. However this porch is extremely poorly designed.

It's a great size and the extra space it gives is really fantastic. There is room for my entire kitchen outside in the porch plus 2 fold up chairs to sit in. If the porch was better designed then it would be almost a no-brainer.

As many others have mentioned, the sides dont touch the ground all the way around. In order to get the best fit you need to make sure that the material is perfectly centred on both sets of poles before inserting the pins. It's actually really difficult to do this, but the best way is to ensure that at least the material covers the joins in the pole at the top.

This porch cannot be erected by one person. It needs 2 at least, preferably 3.

Once you have the poles in and pins in you offer up the porch to the tent, then throw over the rear apron and guys. Sounds easier than it is as there is no weight at all and the tent is big so it is really hard to get it thrown over. But - if you have a spare guy rope you can put it through the loop in the porch guy and 'walk' it around the tent over the roof instead which makes it easier.

My suggestion is to guy the back first as close to the tent as you can get it, then adjust the fit of the porch to the tent, then guy out the front of the tent.

As others have mentioned there are no fixing points in the centre of the porch and this means that the material flaps around and lets wind in. It really does need those additoinal fixing points. Next season I may even put in a couple of eyelets and bands myself.

When you erect the porch, be sure to get the 2 sides of the rear apron over the outsides of the 2 roof poles. Failure to do this will mean water will pool on top.

The curtains keep falling off, especially in the wind.

Rain comes down the sides and into the porch, no matter what you try to do to stop it.

The font and rear straps are flat straps on tension lines. However the buckles dont grip the strap properly and keep slipping so you'll probably have to keep tightening them every hour or so - or end up like us pulling them to their longest and pegging them down. Means you take up more room but it works.

The standard guy ropes all work ok.

I mentioned earlier about ensuring you peg the rear straps as close to the tent as you can get. The reason for this is that the rear apron isnt quite long enough to come down far below the roof line. This means a letterbox shaped opening is left. The further away you peg the straps, the bigger the opening is. Wind goes straight through this opening, across the top of the tent and into the porch. This means that the porch is almost impossible to keep stable and is very, very draughty.

There is nowhere in the porch to mount a lantern/light which is a little silly really. To be honest a pole going between the 2 upright poles would add huge stability, help to tension the porch and provide somewhere to clip a light to.

There is no built in groundsheet which is understandable but the terrible design of the sides of this porch means it will get wet and soggy in there. Why on earth didnt they fit a rain skirt at the least which could be pegged down?

This is an amazing bit of extra space but the porch is so poorly designed it really lets down and does no justice to the excellent Kalahari tents

3.52 out of 5

Kalahari porch

Rubbish in high winds. As everyone has started by writing the positives....I'll start with what you really need to know. Noisy in slightest wind. Straps don't correspond to the tent design,so i.straps are also too short so you can't really secure them properly,and you DO need strong pegs to secure. I think the length of the fabric that goes over the top of the tent needs to be about 3foot longer to reduce it from flapping in the wind.... other than that, it's a great extra space for storage and cooking......but only in calm dry weather?? It does pull down on the tent roof which is a concern in adverse weather.

3.52 out of 5

Great space

Great space for kitchen area, put picnic blanket down as no ground sheet, we had high winds so felt that an extra strap on back would have stopped flapping

3.52 out of 5

Kalahari porch

Wasn't certain I'd made the right decision when I bought this., as it turned out the porch was a real asset. Great way to get out of the wind and rain . Found it a hassle to put up at first but should be easier in the future. Noticed a lot more wind noise than when we just had the tent only. Would need better pegging for high winds and didn't suffer from any pooling of water. Didn't like the fact that we paid £116 less than a week ago, now it's a good price at £85.00. I guess that's life!

3.52 out of 5


We recently bought this to add to our kalahari 10. It's excellent!! Some reviews say it pulled the tent down but we found that if it's put on correctly there is no pooling of rain etc. Although there is a bit of a gap on the sides at the bottom, I purchased the extra long tent pegs and there was no lifting in the high winds of the lake district. Top marks for a top quality product

3.52 out of 5

pretty good

I bought this to add to our Kalahari 10. It's great!! However, as other reviewers said, it's quite a few inches off the ground. I asked if the pegs included were substantial and was told they were, however, they were only sand pegs. As it lifts in the wind I had to buy extra deep driving pegs. All in all, a good purchase.

3.52 out of 5


Works wonderfully with our Vango 800 tent. Only disadvantage is that it can't be zipped to a floor mat so wind can find urs way in.

3.52 out of 5

Excellent Purchase

We bought the Kalahari Elite porch as an addition to our Zenobia 6 Elite tent, even though it is for the Kalahari tent, the porch fits perfectly and provides extra space to store equipment.

3.52 out of 5

So much space!!!

I brought this as an addition for my Zenobia 6 as couldn't get the correct porch. Having seen a fellow camper with the Kalahari porch attached to the Zenobia & it looked good figured I would give it ago! Used it this weekend really easy to assemble , just had a few issues with the guide lines around the door it covered but was no great problem. Covers half of one of the windows too but a small sacrifice for so much extra space. Again biggest issue was the gap at the bottom, quite damp inside the 1st night, we stored the cooking stuff among other stuff in there but I'm to paranoid about fumes to actually cook in there thinking of maybe pegging the ground sheet I brought to go in there to the bottom to maybe stop some of the water coming in. As shouldn't need it to be ventilated. Over all really happy, lot more living space ( we only have one pod up to sleep in the rest of the tent is our living space & where the dog sleeps,)that isn't cluttered so not really cramped in bad weather.

3.52 out of 5

extra space

We bought the porch to add to our kalahari elite 8 tent. Having this extra space is a god send. We used it as the kitchen.
Erecting the porch was easy.
The only downside is that the sides of the porch could have had further support as they 'flapped' around a bit and like other reviews, the porch did not meet ground level leaving quite a large gap. Hence why only 4 stars. However a great buy. We did not pay full price as we bought one in the sale. Would highly recommend for that extra space . I would also recommend buying a ground sheet. We have invested in an eco breathable ground sheet which is great!

3.52 out of 5

worth having

I bought this porch for my Zenobia tent after not being able to get hold of the Zenobia porch. It was easy to put up just myself and my 13 year old daughter. No men needed. It was great for storing all our cooking equipment and chairs and shoes. Gave us a lot more room in the tent.


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