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Out of stock - HI-GEARZenobia Porch

Out of stock

A large side extension for your Hi Gear Zenobia tent.

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Product code: 15900218 / 310137

A large side extension for your Hi Gear Zenobia tent.

Designed for an exact fit onto the side of your Hi Gear Zenobia* tent, this porch extends your sheltered space, giving you a large covered side entrance with space to spread out and store your camping gear, furniture or even your bikes.

It's quick and simple to set up, and will help to make your base camp a lot more luxurious. It comes in its own carry bag, so it's easy to pack, store and carry.

*Suitable for standard Hi Gear, Elite and Eclipse models
Fire Retardant Flysheet

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Ratings & Reviews

Overall Rating

3.77 out of 5
22 reviews
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3.77 out of 5

Great addition, doubles the size of the tent

As others have sent this makes much more sense when added centred on the tent rather than the door, the instructions are wrong. We ran our gas fridge in the porch as it has plenty of ventilation, the gaps at the bottom were a bonus for us.

It adds about as much space as there is between the two bedrooms in the tent itself and means you have covered space. The door is vertical which means it won't rain in (unless it's really windy), We ran the gas BBQ one morning in the doorway as it was raining, but with all of the ventilation it was good. Otherwise it would have had to have been a cold breakfast :(

3.77 out of 5

Don't Buy This!!!

This has been used 3 times. All of the internal wires that connect the poles together have become detached from their fixings within each pole. I now have a bag of individual poles that won't stay together when trying to push them into position through the porch. Very disappointing - do not buy it!

3.77 out of 5

Zenobi porch.

Bought this to increase space within out tent and this definitely helped do that. Very easy to put up and take down. Would highly recommend

3.77 out of 5

Excellent Addition To Tent

We used this porch for a week long camp with our Zenobia Elite 6 and found it to be a fantastic addition to our camp setup.

Putting the porch up is relatively straight forward and took us about 30 minutes but we were taking our time.

Rather than position it centrally on the door we positioned it centrally on the tent as we found it better to have a larger area on the side opposite to the door to use as a kitchen area

We used the porch to store all our kit in (table, kitchen unit, bin, festival trolley, footwear etc.) keeping the main living area clutter & mud free.

Whilst the side of the porch does not meet the ground as mentioned in other reviews it was not an issue for us as once the front was opened up (usually just the inner part of the front doorway) we felt comfortable cooking inside the porch with the ventilation available. We didn't use a groundsheet & just placed a few mats in front of the inner doorway to allow footwear to be taken off in the porch easily.

The porch stood up well to a couple of days persistent rain with no leaks and very little rain getting in under the sides. The wind was gusty at times and this did mean the porch could be noisy at times but at no time did it threaten to take off.

PROS: Large additional living space that stayed dry even in persistent rain.
CONS: The inner part of the front doorway was difficult zip up and did catch on the fabric easily

3.77 out of 5

Great job for a teardrop caravan awning

We bought this for our teardrop caravan to use as an awning great job for sure easy to put up an plenty a room well worth the money

3.77 out of 5

Zenobia 6 tent porch

Bought the Zenobia 6 porch as part of the tent package from local Go Outdoors. Tricky to pitch but followed video instructions. Initially, a good space for extra kit and cooking. Gap round the bottom not ideal and needed something else to secure it down. Hook for lighting would also have been good idea. First few nights no problems but when gale force winds reared their heads the porch didn't cut the mustard. Came off!! Tent was great in all conditions but not so the porch. Also metal poles bent and came undone which then led to them putting a hole in the side of the porch. Not what we wanted to come back to find on the site that afternoon. New porch now has hole in side. A good size and on paper should be a great addition but really disappointing for us.

3.77 out of 5

No light loops

Went up easy, stayed up in a storm, solved the problem of the tent door having no rain protection of it's own. We used it as a kitchen and eating spot. Would have eaten outdoors but the tent and porch covered almost every inch of the allowted campsite space!

Only drawback is a big one: Not one single loop from which to hang a light so that you can see what you are doing while in the porch.

3.77 out of 5

Good porch bad zips

Recently bought the Zenobia 6 and matching porch from my local Go Outdoors. Both were ex display. The tent is fantastic with plenty of room. The porch adds a great area to store all the bits that you don't want in the tent. The only problem with the porch is that it will not zip close no matter how slack you make the ropes and straps. Unfortunately the first trip out and the zip has split at the seam. Not sure if any one else has had this problem, and when I went back to the store I had a look at their display tent and that door would not close.

3.77 out of 5

Zenobia porch

We bought this porch as additional space to our Zenobia 6. Having tried the tent out at home. I decided that we could do with a small area for storage and to cook in should it rain, and we were not disappointed. I had read a few reviews where the porch was not a perfect fit, but place squarely and secured I found the porch a perfect fit with plenty of room for our kitchen set up and additional space to sit

There is no ground sheet and there is a slight gap at the bottom, but I felt this worked perfect for ventilation. Plus you have two door either a small zipped door or a full size opening. And I added a 3m X 2m awning carpet which was perfect. On a night we placed the porta potti in the porch which allowed you the privacy from the main tent and the outside and worked brilliantly for the kids late at night. With no trips to the toilet in the dark

I would recommend this porch as a must for any family buying the Zenobia 6 elite tent

3.77 out of 5

Zenobia 6 porch on the spirit 6

We bought the zenobia 6 porch for our spirit 6 tent as a bit of a gamble and we couldn't have been more right, it was a realy good fit! It looked like it was made for the tent! It's slightly taler than the tent itself, once set up and pegged in correctly with all the tension evenly spread over the tent and porch it was a really solid Base it did flap around a little in the wind but hey doesn't any tent? We could easily fit a kitchen area and storage for all our gear keeping it dry and out of the main tent area the only down side was no ground mat comes with it you have to improvise on that :) but all and all a great extra for the spirit if you require that little extra space oh and I'd say take bigger pegs the ones that come with it don't stand up to much before they come out! A few extra guy lines wouldn't go a miss Iver!!

3.77 out of 5

Z iliet

We bought this tent and porch this year, and it's a fantastic tent, so happy with this we are looking to buy another porch to put on the other side. It is a little breezy under gusty weather but all in all a bargain at the price. Thanx Go Outdoors

3.77 out of 5

Great little addition

Spot on, Despite some of the mixed reviews, The Zenobia Elite Porch is a great addition to the tent and gives you that extra room and storage area and is highly recommended,

I would strongly recommend that if you have the time familiarise your self with the correct fitting by installing prior to your first outing will save you loads of time and undue frustration,

Once fitted the porch does fit correctly & it fits nice and snug, we used the porch in anger for the first time last week for 7 nights in Cornwall, We had all types of weather strong wind & heavy rain and sun,

The porch stood up extremely well in all conditions and did not leak at all,

The only down side is that it does flap around and make some noise and can disturb your sleep unless you have visited the local Sharps beer factory and had a skin full,

But not for long once a small modification was conducted, I put 2 elasticated straps from the porch rear frame backwards over the canopy and tent and secured them to the ground, and then fitted one further elasticated strap left to right over the rear frame and secured to the ground, this over came the flapping noise and did not put any undue stress on the porch or the main tent, I have also made a built in ground sheet out of an old tent, and using Velcro neatly secures the edges of the ground sheet to the porch which fitted really well this has eliminated 90 % of any drafts and eliminated the flapping totally,

If this was an addition option with a all in one ground sheet would be an excellent design,
well worth the money as part of the package, spot on

3.77 out of 5

Good but could be better

Bought this with the Zenobia tent. I read the reviews about fitting it and practised before going on holiday. We were able to fit it easily. Then the wind blew and blew and it rained and it rained. The tent and the porch stood up to quite hard winds but the side edges did flap about quite alarmingly letting some water blow in at the sides. We used the guy-ropes from the tent to limit the flapping to some extent. Two things would improve the design I think, firstly the sides should reach closer to the ground to stop the through draft and a pinning down point half way along the sides to reduce the flapping. Apart from that it was great providing a cooking and extra sitting area.

3.77 out of 5

Useful extra space

It's very important to get this in the right position for it to fit snug and then to remember it is not going to be as cosy as the tent itself. Very useful space in which to cook, sit, eat, store stuff, change muddy/wet gear. We waited for a sale, wouldn't have wanted to pay full price. Would recommend and so think it's worth getting

3.77 out of 5

hi gear elite porch

After reading other reviews posted here, I was more than impressed with the porch. Its easy to set up if you follow the instructions in the bag.
It took my partner and I 30-40 minutes to set up the tent and porch combo, with a little adjusting of pole placement.
The only gaps we had were at most an inch or two with no adverse affects. we used a spare groundsheet and it remained warm dry and wind-free.
Overall we are very happy with the porch and would highly recommend as the extra room is excellent for storage and seating and for leaving shoes boots in, leaving the main tent virtually empty and clean(not bad with two youngsters as well).

3.77 out of 5

A porch is always useful but design limitations

This porch was easy enough to put up and pack back down into the bag.
However, like other reviewers, ours has a gap of approximately 15cm all around the bottom. When it rains the water just drives underneath and so we are limited to what we can actually store in the porch.
Another point to consider is that in windy conditions the arched edge that sits on the main tent just blows about constantly and makes a very annoying swishing noise! Would have been much better if this edge could have been secured in some way.
Tricky one, I would recommend on the basis that the tent does benefit from a porch area but the design could have been so much better.
I would return mine to store to find out if the gap is indeed a fault but I anticipate that there would be stock issues (as usual!) that would prevent an exchange.

3.77 out of 5

Hi gear extension

I would like to add to my previous review and to reply to camper man...that I took my extension back to store and the experts there also couldn't get it to fit correctly. Sometimes it a manufacturing fault and not the fault of the person putting it up! I guess youre lucky that your batch were manufactured correctly.

3.77 out of 5

Awesome porch!!

After reading some reviews I thought this porch would be a total no no, but we bit the bullet and bought one as we needed the extra space for our large dog cage and wet weather gear. This is the easiest porch to erect and fit to the tent!! I put it up first time in 2 minutes tightened the guy ropes and ta da... One sturdy well fitting porch! Don't know what other people are doing but this porch is well fitting (if fitted correctly) and can weather anything thrown at it! 10 out of ten??

3.77 out of 5

Necessary but painful

I love the extra space this porch gives me as a kitchen but it is so much more difficult to erect than the tent. I don't mind the gaps but putting the pegs into the metal poles is fine until you get to the fourth peg which is nigh on impossible. The last time I camped I gave up and made sure it was well pegged down. All was fine so I will give up the peg fight, admit defeat and just work with 3 legs inserted into the poles and ensure all points are pegged down well.

3.77 out of 5


Fits the tent but it leaves a huge gap around the bottom :( Very helpful staff in store, also couldn't set it up without a gap :( I am waiting for new stock to try another. The idea and the size is fantastic for additional space kitchen etc.


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