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Vango Infinity 800 AirBeam® Tent Reviews

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  • 5 out of 5
Excellent - fast reliable good looking - future of camping, 31 May 2013
By fathomless (woking)
So I did a lot of research into tents before buying one and was very attracted to the idea of the ease of putting this up, however I was put off by some fairly negative reviews about the issues with waterproofing and the airbeams deflating. As you'll see below I experienced none of those issues, and honestly believe this is the future of camping.

For those who aren't familiar with this type of tent the airbeams are basically large inner tubes that support the tent. These are inflated by the use of the hand pump that comes included with the tent. There are 4 beams in the 800 tent which are fairly innocuous in tent.
Having used this on 2 occasions I have found the following

a) It really is very quick to put up. On both occasions it has taken 30 minutes from packed tent to fully pitched tent. 10 minutes inflating, the rest putting down ground sheet and pitching the tent
b) No issues with this tent deflating, from my research this seems to have been previous versions being inflated to wrong level
c) Design is good - up to four separate sleeping areas each having pockets for storage, good usable zips on doors and vents etc
d) spacious - I am 6 foot and I can easily stand in tent without my head hitting roof
e) It looks good inside and out
f) waterproofing is good - been in rain for 2 days straight and no leaks
g) It is as robust as poles (but without the bag/risk of them breaking) and is very stable in wind etc


a) Its not cheap, but look around and you can get good deals
b) I would be concerned about being able to find a puncture in the airbeams, you can remove them but how do you find the puncture, a baisin of water isn't going to cut it
c) without the extension (especially with carpet) there is no easy way to get into tent without getting rain in or getting mud onto carpet (we ended up pushing carpet back to store muddy shoes etc)
d) carry bag wheels are not very robust and have broken and need repairing
e) tent in bag is large (no surprise) but it takes a chunk of boot space

Things I would recommend

a) Buy it if you like convenience/have kids/have the money
b) get the carpet - it is much more useful than I expected as it meant kids can play on floor - don't underestimate this on rainy days
c) Get the ground sheet - it makes positioning the tent easier as you can see how much space it will take up and will protect the integral ground sheet and provide another layer to cold/wet seeping through
D) I would get the foyer as I want a transition/wet area and cook in when raining


Great tent, fast reliable, good looking - does what it says on the tin. Expecting many more happy trips
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