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Vango Icarus Air 500 Inflatable Family Tent Reviews

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  • 4 out of 5
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  • 4 out of 5
vango icarus air 500, 26 August 2014
By awratemiduck (chesterfield)
this is our second inflatable tent , the 1st being the cirrus 6 , which was very poor , exchanged it for the icarus 5 . very good tent would get 5 stars if it did not have the saggy roof , 1st time we pitched it , we just thought it was the way we pitched , did not really bother us , second time , this weekend just gone , pitched the tent and then spent a a good hour trying to get the saggy roof taut putting guy lines in/out at different angles etc . but to no avail , and we did get pooling when it rained !! the tent is now with go outdoors , so we will see what they say , really not happy paying £540.00 for a tent with a saggy roof !! have had vango,s before and they where 100% , but i believe vango have moved manufacture to china ?? and the quality has seemed to suffer ,
  • 4 out of 5
good tent overall but has its issues, 13 August 2014
By natureman102 (Swindon)
Good tent, used it four days and survived a gusty rain storm but like other reviews had saggy roof. Was not happy with the awning, not very good fixing to the tent especially on the sides, let water in all night sides flapping about asked other vango users have same problem - very bad design fault. But airbeam stayed solid trust me it takes more than the stated 7 minutes to erect even Hussain bolt would struggle
  • 5 out of 5
A great tent, 21 July 2014
By Orangecookie (Castleford)
Been eyeing these up for a while and I was not disappointed when finally got to use mine. I will find it hard to go back to poled tents after this. Even without proper space to pitch it properly the tent stood up to the storms we had. Pumping the tent up does get tiring on the 3rd beam but rather that than poles snagging etc.

Packing up is amazingly easy. Open 3 valves, fold, then roll back into the bag which has plenty of space.

Only concern i have is the size of the tent while packed away. Apart from that I would recommend this to anyone.
  • 3 out of 5
Saggy roof 2, 20 July 2014
By Tim (Manchester)
I bought this tent in June, had the exact same problem as J&V I thought it was me that had not pitched the tent correctly as it was my first time, tried adjusting guy ropes etc but to no avail love the tent but when it rained had to keep lifting the canvas from inside to drain the pooled water.
  • 5 out of 5
Excellent tent for small family, 18 July 2014
By Neptune
This tent is luxurious for us after upgrading from a small 3 berth dome tent. Very easy indeed to put up single handedly in a short time. On its last outing the wind was very gusty but once the guy ropes were pegged out securely the whole structure felt strong and stable. On the previous trip the tent proved that it was waterproof. It's also easy to take down and re-pack into the nice big bag. We can fit plenty of other stuff in the bag too, such as the footprint groundsheet and a mallet. We got a set of awning poles to make a porch out of the door - very pleasant for sitting under. An excellent buy and well worth the extra money for the convenience of inflation.
  • 3 out of 5
Saggy roof!, 15 July 2014
By J&V
We adore this tent for ease of pitching. However the roof section between middle and front been is always saggy and despite best efforts we cannot get it taut. As a result when it rains heavily water pools and does not run off unaided. Vango have been unhelpful and we are probably going to return it as wet weather can't be avoided. I would be interested to see if this is a problem for others.
  • 5 out of 5
Vango Icarus Air 500 inflatable family tent, 28 June 2014
By Clangers (South Wales)
Very easy to put up, can do it on my own but I let my partner hand me the pegs. Already been used on 3 weekend trips and in all weather stands up really well. Going to get the matching canopy next just to give us that bit extra room. A great tent don't hesitate buy one.
  • 5 out of 5
Vango Icarus Air 500 Inflatable Family Tent, 25 June 2014
By tentavan (wakefeild)
When bought after a lenghy debate we got one in the end we used it last month it was great everything was inside ready all we had to do was put in our camp beds in and settle we had also got the carpet too that's nice and warm on feet in a morning we had thin blankets in bedroom area although we did not have any rain that yet to come but we are pleased how quick this went up the amount of time I have fought with poles on other tents in the past wish I got it sooner we pleased off soon in again just saving up a awning to go with it as that will give more room for us there's the only the of us but we like a lot of room any how plus it save the carpet from getting mucky if does rain and can put our shoes/wellys in that area and have a clean dry carpet as well I would recommend it thumbs up
  • 5 out of 5
Easy peasy, 12 June 2014
By Storm7 (Bolton)
Dead easy to put up - takes minutes. Roomy enough for 3 - seems robust. Have not used it in severe weather - great family tent!
  • 5 out of 5
air500, 07 June 2014
By billy boy (east sussex)
Bought whilst camping in devon and put it up straight away. Had a small airbeam velocity, so pleased with that one, but the 500 icarus I can stand up in. It is so easy to put up so I let the mrs do it. Excellant job!!
Value for money, roomy, quality and comes in a pull along bag. Store staff were excellant and patient with us. Thanks for the advise.
  • 5 out of 5
Move over pop up, 05 June 2014
By BigBoy (Lincoln)
Not used yet but will on August Trip.

Tested putting up in Garden and as easy as the 3man pop up tent I have and a lot more room.
  • 5 out of 5
Fantastic, 03 June 2014
By Pitt (west sussex)
Bought this tent a couple of weeks ago - so easy and fast to put up - Kids slept in it last week and it rained and rained and rained all night - completely waterproof - no puddles - only thing I was worried about was the tent floating away LOL xxx
  • 2 out of 5
Airbeam Icarus 500, 31 May 2014
By Family Campers (Dorset)
After a lot of searching for a new tent we finally decided on the Icarus 500 Airbeam as our last tent took some time to pitch with heavy poles. Although the airbeam was great to put up and has a good amount of space (we had the awning as well), the problem came when it started to rain. The rain was not heavy but a constant drizzle which then resulted in a puddle around the bottom of one of the air beams and the water came in through the roof to land on the bedroom. Quite a bit of rain. This meant that when we came to put it down it was wet inside and therefore difficult to dry. As we have to have a tent that stays dry we sadly took it back to Go Outdoors today and they were great - we exchanged it for a traditional pole tent. They said that ours must have been a faulty one but it was hard to convince us that another one would not have leaked. Hopefully it was just a faulty one and others will not have the same problem as us.
  • 5 out of 5
tent, 03 April 2014
By rambo (highlands scotland)
iv had this tent only a month went2 lake district for 3weeks heavy weather high winds gusts and the experiance wz amazing no bother at all, i would defo recommended it,happy camping 2014.
  • 5 out of 5
vango 500 air, 03 April 2014
By darren (alston)
went to highlands had heavy rain 3omph winds and stood its ground . im loving it great tent worth every penny, go ahead treat yrself u only live once.
  • 5 out of 5
Super fast pitching, 31 March 2014
By The 2 Muriel's
I love camping I hate pitching!! Also last summer our tent poles split in the wind. We bought this tent at the weekend & tried it in garden today it literally takes 5 mins to put up (bar pegging guys). Looks super quality. Although marketed as a 5 berth it seems ideal for 2 & a small dog to have plenty of room!!! Can't wait to get away for a trip & no more arguments when pitching!!!
  • 3 out of 5
Vango Icarus Air 500, 23 March 2014
By The Undertaker (Fleetwood Lancashire)
Been waiting to see if Vango would extend it's range of Air Beam Tent's to include Icarus models, and now they have ! I have an ordinary Icarus 500 which is a great tent in it's own right, but now with Air Beams it look's even easier to pitch. The only downside to the new version that I can see is the colour,which if Vango can offer a choice then I'd be up for buying one subject to seeing some reviews of one thats been used.
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