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North Ridge Col 1 Person Backpacking Tent Reviews

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  • 4 out of 5
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  • 4 out of 5
Smashing Tent!, 11 May 2014
By Crag (Scotland)
So I have used this tent on 4 occasions now, tested it in all weather conditions except heavy snow... So here is my verdict on this tent!

Short answer - I like it! It performs great, making it excellent value!

Read on for some more detail..

The tent when used in the wind, rain, and light snow holds up absolutely great. No problems to report here. However, one of the evenings I went out the weather plummeted in the night to below freezing. The out became coated in a layer of ice and there was a little condensation build up on the inside (I didn't have the vent open though). Because of the ice the tent did droop a little at the rear, causing it to touch the inner when I sat up, however in the morning I realised that had I not been so lazy and took the time to guy it out properly this could have been easily avoided. One other thing that could make this hold up better and make me confident using it shall it snow heavy is if it had a guy point in the middle to the rear (like the macpac microlight) that would certainly avoid any contact with the outer, no matter how quickly you through the tent up.

Apart from the above I don't think there is anything I would need to report about the tent. Like I say, I like it. Its a great tent. For reference I'm a 5'8" and slim built aandid be happy in this for a weekend. Any longer, then I would be more at home in a two man!
  • 4 out of 5
North Ridge Col 1, 26 April 2014
By Grant (Hayling Island)
I have used this on several trips now and it has performed well every time, last weekend I was in one of the heaviest downpours I have ever camped in, I stayed dry and warm - no probs. The only change I would like if for the front canopy to be about 2 foot longer, easier to cook under while in bad weather as the current canopy drips on you. I will make my own modification re this. All in a great little tent - Get one.
  • 1 out of 5
stay indoors, 30 December 2013
By dragonfly (north wales)
Put up in the garden just in case, glad I wasnt in a survival situation, leaks like a sieve. Looks good on paper but fails to do the primary function of a shelter. Lesson, you get what you pay for. Might be ok for the occasional summer evening. Macpac microlight every time!
  • 5 out of 5
COL, 09 April 2013
By Teespaddler (Northeast)
Having used many many tents for work and being fed up of crawling into expensive tiny canvas tubes the COL was a real find. its just easy to use, quick to pitch and surprisingly robust. 5 stars value for money. I have used it for well over 30+ nights, in all weathers. Great service as well, The pole snapped and was replaced immediately, Thanks. There is just enough space, and the porch is brilliant, so easy to cook, store, use etc, I will definitely buy another when this one dies. There is room for improvements, and i have added short loops etc. North Ridge could make a 'plus' 15cm longer, 7.5 higher. I would buy a 'COL max' version that was a bit bigger all round, or a COL 'snow' with snow valances and a bit heavier duty fabrics. A 2 person version with doors both sides would be interesting.
  • 4 out of 5
good tent, 26 September 2012
By southernkent (darlington)
I used this tent for both formal camp sites and wild camping. In weather that varied from good to rain, snow, freezing and windy. The tent performed well in all. It was easy to erect and strike. In all weathers it was weatherproof and dry. The only caveats I would give are ; be gentle with the pole and do not force, use a piece of polythene or a light groundsheet to protect the tent's from stones. This is a good bit of kit and should last a number of outings. A good price for a well thought out piece of equipment.
  • 1 out of 5
North Ridge Col 1 Person Backpacking Tent, 14 August 2012
By Cycling granny
Very disappointed with this tent. I found it impossible to fit the poles into the eyelets. The first time I used it in the garden to try it out and my husband couldn't fit them without bending the poles so had to use a vice to straighten them afterwards. The second time exactly the same thing happened so I will now have to buy another tent as I want to cycle LEJOG and there is no way I can put this tent up on my own. It doesn't work with bent poles.
  • 5 out of 5
Excellent tent, 26 July 2012
By Boog (scotland)
I have been wild camping for the about 25yrs and this tent is the best designed tent I have used, When ever possible i will sleep in a bivy weather permitting the only thing about that is the midge in the morning. I spent 3 days and nights in this tent on Eigg, it was torrential rain and high winds at night and sunshine and wind through the day, and i found it to excellent and spacious for my needs. I ptched tent side on to the wind less chance of outer touching inner tent and more stable, do not think the outer would touch inner anyway as there a good 3-5 inches apart. I am 6 foot and 15stone not the smallest built but found there loads of room in this tent .First of all the sleeping area only takes up half the tent so you got the other half to cook in store stuff etc. I used my 35ltr rucksack as a pillow put all my clothes in it before i get into sleeping bag, and put boots and cooking stuff in other half of tent, so if you want a cup of soup at 3am in the morning you just pull down fly sheet and do away I had to put 1 of my lying mats in other half of tent as ground was a bit moist it also helped my knees getting muddy going in and out of tent. The first night in tent i was the worse for wear as i had been at a ceilidh, in the morning the sun was blistering hot and the tent like most tents became a sweatbox, it was only a matter of leaning over to open outer door and let the cool refreshing wind in. I slept ,cooked food in this tent fot 3 days and everything stayed dry and i was more than comfortable, also if yo take poles out of tent bag the tent and inner sqash down to 7x7 inches the poles are 15 inch in length i stuff them down the inside of my rucksack, any way i have nothing but praise for this wee tardis.If i knew it was as good as it was i would have paid the full price not the discount price. Thanks go outdoors for another great deal.
  • 5 out of 5
Superb solo tent, 09 June 2012
By GrahamC (North West UK)
When you go into a tent shop it seems that big family tents are getting cheaper and small backpacking tents are getting more expensive. At £80 the Col is expensive on family scale but very economical on the backpacking scale. So how does it stack up.

Firstly, it is definitely a solo tent, I'm 5'7" of slim build and it fits me perfectly; a six footer or a person of heavier build would find it a bit "compressive" and may even end up pushing the inner wall against the flysheet and getting wet. It is a small person's tent. The Col is supplied with features seen on many higher end tents such as aluminium poles and pegs. However, this means that further weight reduction cannot be achieved. The fabric is noticeably heavier than that found on featherweight designs - maybe not a bad thing.

The tent is very well thought out. The side entry is wonderful (it is why I bought it) and I can just about sit up inside. Pitched back to the weather you can leave the door open and see what is going on outside, cook or read. In an end entry tent you have to lie down. After trying a side entry tent you will wonder why you ever used an end door design. Cleverly, the inner does not cross the centre-line of the tent so when you open the door, the rain doesn't come in (unlike cheap domes).

The flysheet pitches first - the only way to go in wet weather. The inner can be left connected (pitch as one) or you can just pitch the fly and use it as a shelter for lunch. For a one pole tent it is surprisingly stable. There are plenty of ventilation options and the separate fly will keep you dry, but be very careful to keep the inner away from it, pitch the fly tightly. There is a reasonable storage area but it is not excessive. However, if you are using this tent then I guess you are not bringing much stuff.

This tent excels as a solo backpacking, cycling kayaking tent. It should be regarded as being a specialist tent and, as such, will not suit everyone. It easily fits in a kayak hatch or straps on the rack of a bike or in a rucksack. At 1.9kg it is not a featherweight but it is well made and the slightly heavier construction may give it a longer life. Wow! it also fits into the bag!!! and then has some compression straps to keep it small.

In summary, a great tent for a SMALL person who needs minimal shelter when touring or walking. If you are of any size then I would definitely suggest that you test it in the shop.
  • 4 out of 5
north ridge col, 29 May 2012
By PD (Carlisle)
Easy pitching,less than 10 mins the col has a spacious porch & gives a bit of shelter to cook under if it were to rain. When the fly sheet is zipped up theres room to keep your gear which is good as the inner is just for sleeping in & doesn't offer any room for a ruck sack however I'm 6 2" & had enough room to get a good nights sleep. I camped on Blencathra & there was a bit of wind but no rain but it seemed to be ok in windy conditions.Packing it away was easier than pitching as once the tent is rolled it goes into the carry sack no probs which offers a good 3 inches give so your not spending time getting it into a tight sack, it simply just falls in,(don't know why all tents can't pack way this easy). At 1.9 kg & aprox18 inches long it packed into my rucksack , I've given it 4 stars but if it performs in wet & windier conditions would give it 5 but i wouldn't use it in winter conditions, price wise its excellent as i got an extra 20% off on an offer day so its great if you want to do 6-10 wild camps a year on a budget . Am really pleased at the moment as it seems to tick all the boxes i require, if i can get 3 or 4 years pout of this tent i will be happy. So if your like me & want to do a bt of wild camping but want to do it at low cost i think this is a great tent to start with.
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