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Merrell Men's Moab Mid GTX XCR Shoes Reviews

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  • 2 out of 5
Stubbed Toes and Wet Feet, 30 December 2014
By fellwalker46 (North Yorkshire)
I've had these shoes for nearly two years. They are comfortable for short walks in dry conditions on reasonably level terrain. A good summer shoe for light use. They have two major weaknesses. First, although advertised as waterproof, my pair are not. They are water resistant and will repel a shower or brief immersions. But after a mile or so through wet grass or 3"- 4" of snow my feet are wet. Second, there is insufficient space for toes so that lengthy, steep descents especially over rocky ground (e.g. down from Helvellyn) causes sore toes. I should emphasise that I do have the correct size - maybe my feet are the wrong shape, but I've seen similar comments in other reviews. A pity since apart from these two complaints they are a good walking shoe and I like them. But for strenuous hiking such as the Lake District high fells or any area in wet conditions I revert to my Brasher Hillmasters.
  • 2 out of 5
Merrell Men's Moab Mid GTX XCR Shoes, 04 October 2014
By dazcoop (stoke on trent)
My feet got wet the first day i went walking on wet ground with them. Even though i'd applied waterproof spray on them the day i purchased.
12 months on and there worn out ready for the bin.
No good for stoney ground. Laces are to soft. The rubber is coming away from the boot. Only good thing is that there comfortable from day one.
Only any good for low miles, soft ground and dry days.
  • 2 out of 5
Not for me!!, 16 August 2014
By Gary J (N Wales)
I bought these last April 13, so they have had enough of a chance before writing this. Firstly the insoles provided are rubbish, I usually have to change supplied ones relitivly quickly for ones of better quality but these where probably the worst I've had. The inner footbed is quite a strange shape also. Second, the soles do not offer that much protection against stoney ground and you can feel the sharper rocks as you tread on them. They are ok for a couple of hours and then I get sore feet. £rd they don't offer that much support to the ankles being only mids' I suppose this should have been expected and its was, but the support is even less than I expected from a 'Brand Name' like Merrell.
So after 2 summers of not so much use I'm sorry I didn't take them back last year and now its to late.
Hey ho I suppose they will do for a quick walk with the dog and knocking about around the garden.
I'll stick with my Miendl Vakuum's all year round, I did 10 miles with 2000ft ascent last week in them and feet felt great, as they did in mid July walking on Pembroke coast path.

I won't be buying Merrell again, this is their second and last chance with me, I gave a pair off their trainer types a go a couple of years back too.
  • 5 out of 5
good solid boot, 19 June 2014
By Gus (alness)
I bought these boots on saturday and climbed Ben Nevis on the sunday and they were great. No blisters great support, I do not know about the waterproof part as it was a scorcher, but will let you know in due course.
  • 4 out of 5
Moab Mid, 10 June 2014
By AndyT (Staffs)
Only used for a few outings but initial results suggest a very comfortable and light boot. Could be improved by adding a locking eyelet to allow tighter fitting lower down the boot and looser around ankle.
  • 2 out of 5
Poor, 04 June 2014
By Macca56 (UK)
First the positve side,the laces are good quality after that it all goes down hill.My boots are about 1 year old and have leaked for the last 3 months but because they are comfortable i resigned them to just road walks but now both boots have 2 inch splits where the uppers meet the soles.
So its 1 mark for the laces and one for the comfort (I had to use my own insoles though to get them comfortable).
Merrel never again :(
  • 2 out of 5
Comfy but leaky, 02 May 2014
By Dorftrottel (Coventry)
Bought these and they are extremely comfy, ligh and stylish. However, after 3 months casual wear I noticed the right boot developed a leak resulting in a damp sock. Took the boots back to the Coventry branch and I was offered a "no quibble" exchange or refund. As I really liked the styling of this boot I decided to go for an exchange so hopefully these will be more water-tight this time...fingers crossed! Excellent service again from Go Outdoors Coventry :-)
  • 2 out of 5
Disappointing, 17 February 2014
By mooseman (cardiff)
Bought these last year and wore through the summer. They are quite comfortable but lack support over rough terrain. However, when it comes to wet weather you'd do almost as well to wear sandals. They very quickly get wet through and are now consigned to sunny spells. Merrell really should do better.
  • 2 out of 5
fully waterproof = rubbish, 07 January 2014
By mtbchris (bolton)
10 minutes in heavy rain and my socks were soaked. Not acceptable for the money shoes. Northface gtx dont after 2 years i have them also.. i wont buy merrills again.. :-(
  • 2 out of 5
Colander boots, 20 November 2013
By Knightonday (France)
Moved to France two years ago so bought these boots as they were really comfortable and are "waterproof". Two years on, after mainly road use walking the dog, the uppers are splitting from the soles and they leak immediately. Any wet outside, my feet are wet. The soles look hardly worn underneath so having paid well over £100 for them, very very disappointed.
  • 4 out of 5
Great boot, 29 October 2013
By Cushtie (Rochdale)
For the sake of balance, this review follows a previous negative review of the Hi-gear boots I has problems with. Firstly, well done to the staff at the store, no problems with swapping the inferior boots I had. These Merrells are SO comfy and have not leaked like the Hi-gear ones. You gets what you pay for. So true.
  • 5 out of 5
No blisters !!, 29 October 2013
By Zazenmind (Neath)
I bought these boots for my sons first DofE walk, he wore them straight from the box and not a blister in sight ! Pretty impressive...
He says they are really comfortable and the water proofing worked well.
In all a really good buy, I would recommend them.
  • 2 out of 5
Merrell Men's Moab Mid GTX XCR Shoes, 21 October 2013
By SD (Bristol)
As a woman with wide feet I usually purchase men's walking boots for a wider fit. I bought the boots within the last month. They are very comfortable and was assured by the shop assistant that the Goretex would ensure my feet were always dry. This is not the case! In view of the price of the boots I am disappointed. The boots are used for daily dog walking, nothing too arduous!
  • 1 out of 5
wet weekend, 03 October 2013
By ash (andoverwet weekend)
have had two pairs. 1st had for 2 years but only covered 180 miles in them befor they started leaking in right foot.Go out doors wouldn,t replace as to old, so bought a pair of gortex socks to get full use. 2nd pair bought in sept for three day walk in wales ,ground wet but not sodden, top of toes depth. both boots leaked within 1 hour of walking, wet and sore feet all weekend, lovely. Money back ,but nothing else given.these boots aparently only have gortex upper not a full sock ?
  • 5 out of 5
everlasting, 04 July 2013
By ryan (worksop)
i bought these over two years ago. As well as wearing them for walking in the peaks i wear them every day cycling and walking to work. The soles have only just started wearing. I have never cleaned them with any products or water proofed them, i have just let them dry off and gone over them with a stiff brush. Not let one drip or drop of water in yet. I'm submitting this review because I've come on her to look for another pair! The only compliant i have is that the insole on on shoe slipped to the side but nothing a spot of stupid glue couldn't sort.
  • 1 out of 5
hugely disappointing, 29 May 2013
I purchased these boots on the strength of having Merrell footwear in the past which have been comfortable and hard wearing. The quality of materials now seems to have plummetted. Although very comfortable the right boot leaks like a seive because the toe piece has perished all round the welt exposing the canvas. The left boot is also well on the way with identical degrading. This is not the quality I would demand of a 5 month old product at this price. Buyer beware!!
  • 1 out of 5
Very disappointed, 20 February 2013
By Fletch (Neath South Wales)
My first pair of these boots were brilliant , this influenced me buying a second pair which leak like collanders . This is a pity as otherwise these are a very comfortable boot a a pleasure to walk in when dry . I noticed that other reviewers have experienced the same problem . Verdict give this brand a miss !
  • 5 out of 5
Velvet Toes, 09 February 2013
By MattHusala (Lancashire)
Brilliant shoe, waterproof, hardwearing and very comfy. I've had these for a year or two and the only niggly problem is that the velvet/ faux suede on the left toe has worn and looks unsightly, but hey! who's going to notice in the middle of a wet field in the Lake District?
  • 2 out of 5
Comfy but leak, 19 January 2013
By dogwalker (Bristol)
I was initially very pleased with these boots as they are very simiIar to the Moab Ventilator shoes which I've found to be extremely comfortable. What I wanted something similar but taller and waterrproof and I thought these were an excellent choice. Unfortunately exposure to wet grass fpor an hour left me with a cold and slightly wet right foot. Thinking that water may have got over the low cut tongue I dried them out and tried again but with similar results. Thinking that I had a rogue pair I took them back to the Bristol branch who were very helpful and exchanged them with no fuss. Another wet day walking, however, and I had another wet right foot. I've now got a refund and given up on these boots - they're very comfortable but, as a previous reviewer noted, they do feel cold when they get wet on the outside and mine also let water in. I can only conclude that quality control has taken a dip recently as all previous reviews (up to 19th Dec 2012) seem to rate waterproof qualities highly.
  • 1 out of 5
Not impressed, 19 December 2012
By Steve R (Flintshire)
Bought these a month ago. Very comfortable but waterproof? No. Only used for walking the dog so far and first real test was a couple of days ago. Just puddles really but the left hand boot leaked. also not impressed with GO. They would not replace, as their policy apparently says they go back to Merrell, which can take up to 28 days! Won't be buying Merrell again anytime soon.
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