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Mammut Men's MT Trail XT GTX Mountain Boots Reviews

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  • 1 out of 5
Vibram Bannana Skins, 05 February 2013
By Doug R (Derbyshire)
I'll add my weight to the reviews questioning the durability of these boots. 6 months use and way too much wear showing on the soles. This wear won't get any worse now though because I have stopped using them for serious outdoor use due to from day one of use the soles would not grip in the wet. The boots I had before these Mammuts gave me no problems in the same environment and the Scarpa SL Activ's I have replaced these awful boots with most certainly perform.
If I seem a little bitter and as a result you're thinking of dissmissing my review as just a grumpy gripe then by all means buy yourself a pair of these boots because the only positive thing you will get from the experience is how good you will feel when you finally replace them with a pair of boots that are actually fit for the job you bought them for.
Take heed, I have struggled for six months before I finally sussed the boot was the problem, you however have prior knowledge and so don't need to waste 170 odd quid and half a years quality outdoor time finding out for yourself.
  • 2 out of 5
Round 2..... sole diminishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 01 November 2012
By Shads (West Calder)
I bought these boots just after xmas last year, I was impressed with how solid they looked but after a couple of months moderate use (4 hill walks) I noticed the sole coming away slightly at the front of the boot. I was then out of action for the next 5 months due to a achillies injury, but when I finally got out walking again I noticed the sole problem worsening. Go outdoors were kind enough to give me a new pair and I was as happy as a child in a sweetie shop.....but after 6 weeks the sole started to come away at both sides of the boot and at the heel........once again another 40 mile round trip to go outdoors who this time send my boot away to mammut to be looked at. My confidence in mammut is non existant, I dont want another pair, but have stated that I will swap for a pair of Scarpa instead!!! My advice is stay well away from these boots!!!!!
  • 2 out of 5
Same old Problem, 15 July 2012
By Bob (Dunstable)
These boots are almost great. Comfortable, supportive, grippy and hard wearing for heavy trails. But, getting them comfortable took a while becaus there is no leather under the laces at the ankle, feels like they are held on by string for a few weeks. And that old problem, the stuff between the Vibram sole and the inner sole. Decay has set in after only 6 months. The leather is splitting and needs treating every 3 to 6 weeks. Their not rubbish, only marginally better than the Meindle, Berghaus, Brasher, but they aren't better than boots they Raichle made ten years ago, though I was almost convinced for a while there.
  • 5 out of 5
Mammut Men's MT Trail XT GTX, 15 July 2012
By D (North West)
Ive worn the boots for the last 8 years they were then called Raichle (same company just rebranded) these were fantastic straight out of the box! so good ive just had them resoled
  • 5 out of 5
Mammut XTs, 17 October 2011
By Globalmedic (Sunderland)
Unresevedly recommended. Bought these last year and already they've had a pounding. Probably 500miles of hard labour through scree and snow with barely a scratch. A good wide fitting, they feel like slippers and toasty warm. Firm enough for good ankle support and I'm investing in crampons for this winter season. They have a nice roll. Grippy soles but 4-5 compared to others. Blisters have virtually. become a thing of the past even on marathon fell walks. Excellent waterproofing, easy to clean and well protected rubber strategically located. Only trade off is weight but that comes with a quality pair off boots that function and look good.
  • 5 out of 5
Mammut MT Trail XT GTX, 16 October 2011
By Neil (Milton Keynes)
i bought these after much research. i am so glad i did as i have done about 800 miles in them since purchase at the beginning of the summer and they look as good and feel as good as when they were fresh out of the box. i have spent two weeks at a time walking and wearing them every day and not one single grumble. I'm going to have to purchase a second pair to ensure that i;m never without them. i have tried many different boots over the last 25 years and these are by far the most superior and i shall never look at another boot without comparing them. a seriously awesome benchmark boot 5 stars totally recommended
  • 5 out of 5
early birthday present, 11 October 2011
By jonsy (wiltshire)
I treated myself to these as an early birthday present , i went walking with a friend around the purbecks and completed 17 miles . Well they did not let me down , the only time they felt uncomfortable was a stone had got into my boot but once removed were as comfy as ever . Walking on tarmac felt like i was walking on the moon , i have no qualms with these boots and cannot wait to put them on again .
  • 5 out of 5
Mammut Men's MT Trail XT GTX, 07 October 2011
By Gigantor (Milton Keynes)
I bought a pair of these at the beginning of May for a trip to "Kili" in September. All through the breaking in period on both a fast treadmill and numerous days in Snowdonia there was not a hint of a blister (only one pair of socks!). They performed well on Kilimanjaro as well. Great traction, good support and apparently bullet proof as there was almost not a mark on them (once I'd cleaned the volcanic dust off them) when I got home. I spent a lot of time choosing boots for this trip and I'm well happy with my choice!
  • 5 out of 5
Mammut Men's MT Trail XT GTX Mountain, 14 September 2011
By kc
A top boot i have had mine for some years,
On all typs of walking & climbing.
Worth the money
  • 5 out of 5
only boot you'll need, 15 July 2011
By Mark
I've had these for 2.5 years now, and they're in a pretty sorry state now. They've been up Kilimanjaro, three trips through the Pyrenees, Mt. Blanc, multiple glacier crossings, loads of winter use with crampons on all day, occasional ice climbing, loads of grade 1 and 2 scrambling, and a lot of time in the outer hebrides. I use them all year round, whatever it is I'm doing. All in all about 2000 miles of hard use. They've never once let me down, or given me any problems. I'm off to buy an identical pair now!
  • 4 out of 5
Bargain, 21 February 2011
By Spudy (Hull)
only just got these boots, but they are very comfortable, look great, fit great, hope the issues with delaminating have been dealt with, can't fault them at present, will update if there are any problems
  • 2 out of 5
Very disapointing, 03 January 2011
By Wyrdstone (Rotherham)
These were my first pair of hiking boots bought for a long weekend trip to Wales this December, involving a trek up Tryfan and a circuit of the Snowdon Horseshoe. They were extremely comfortable straight out of the box and didnt let a drop of water in even after wading through knee deep snow and streams and gave my foot and ankle great support and protection. I followed this up with a trek near Edale a couple of weeks later and when cleaning them afterwards noticed the sole was starting to come away at the heel on one of the boots.
The boots had, had some heavy use but i would have expexted a boot of this price to last more than a month! they were returned less than 28 days later without any fuss, but left my confidence in Mammut lacking.
  • 5 out of 5
Excellent Boots, 19 December 2010
By Dub (Midlothian)
I have the MT Trail GTX (one down from these) find them very comfortable - stopped getting blisters. I've had them 3 years without any problems. The XT are slightly stiffer. Surprised someone used 3 month old boots as flowerpots. If they were faulty they should have been returned.
  • 5 out of 5
Proven, 27 August 2010
By Kelloggs
Well just thought I would update to advise I have now completed a full summer in these, and this week the Coast to Coast. These boots are phenominal (they also are rated as the best 3 season boots by Trail magazine). Not a blister or a damp patch to be seen, and the grip is tremendous. Despite other comments on here there is no longer any deficeincy with the sole glue on these. Best boots money can buy!
  • 5 out of 5
Mountain Slippers !, 14 May 2010
By Andy
The most comfortable walking boots I have ever owned. These rather understated, conservative boots disguise a perfect combination of traditional and high tech materials. The memory foam inner and the ability to tie off the lacing half way up the boot ensures a perfectly secure fit with out hotspots.
The outer has retained its good looks with winter use with a little help from Nikwax wet wax.
The vibram sole has proven itself grippy through out and clears it self of clarts very well once you are out of the sticky stuff.
The only opportunity for improvement would be for the rand to extend further round to the 2nd lacing hole. A recent scramble up Striding Edge led to some minor scuffing of the leather on the edges of the toe box.
Quality has not been an issue with this pair I have been using mine regulary since August 09, after the Mammut rebrand and they are showing no evidence of delamination
In summary, when you find the one that works hold on to it. If you have a wider foot and or a narrow heel this is the boot you have been looking for.
  • 5 out of 5
Awesome Boots, 03 May 2010
By Kelloggs (Leeds)
Let me start by saying I am a boot snob, and I do not offer praise easily, however these boots are by far and away the most comfortable you could ever dream of!

The moment you try them on you will know what I mean! The memory foam in the tounge and ankle combined with the orthlite inners give you great support yet feel very coushined. The leather is strong and the toe rand very tough.

Now, the gentleman previous has raised fears regarding quality, and specifically the sole glue. I have used these all winter in some harsh (I even used them a number of times with Grivel G10 crampons) and wet conditions and on a number of scrambles and the sole looks as good as new. I believe the gent above had some bad luck as the quality of these since they were rebranded to Mammut has gone up significantly!

Finaly I have to say that even if they did only last for a very torrid 12 months I would be delighted to buy another pair, they are that good!!
  • 1 out of 5
poor build quality, 02 February 2010
By highlander (largs)
my first pair of RAICHLE MT TRAIL boots lasted eight months before the heels delaminated, they were replaced with the rebranded MAMMUT MT TRAIL GTX who were supposed to have addressed the build quality issues, DONT BELIEVE IT this pair have are going the same way, and that is only after six months of easy walking! there is a known issue with the glue that is used during manufacture, this pair are going back to TISO this week! look out Mr Tiso
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