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50 Peaks (by Hi-Tec) Kruger King's Peak Waterproof Boots Reviews

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  • 3 out of 5
Long term test, 15 May 2014
By Bigxr (South Wales)
I bought these boots about 18 months ago to do the Welsh 3 peaks. They performed well and were comfortable, although, as expected for the price, they aren't waterproof. Gore-tex socks are a must.
However, they are comfortable, and that's the problem.
Tough boots need breaking in. It's a good measure of a boot that takes a bashing before becoming comfy. These were comfy from the start, so as time wore on they have become softer and softer. They are Ok to wear on a casual basis, but now, after 18 months of medium duty trekking, they are a liability. The soles are so flexible now that after about 2 hours you can feel every stone chip through the bottom of your feet. Gel insoles help, but I ended up with severe foot pain after one 18 mile moderate to easy trek, leaving me on crutches. I am now consigning them to the big green wheely bin.
So there it is, comfy, reasonably priced, not waterproof, and not a long lasting product unless you are an extremely infrequent user. I am definitely now going to pay a bit more in the hope of getting something tougher with better waterproof properties.
  • 4 out of 5
Kruger boots, 17 September 2012
By purplemerlin (Bournemouth)
Good value for the money, did two weeks hiking around Iceland in April, very comfortable fit and good for intermediate hikes, feet were kept warm but these boots are water resistant, NOT waterproof. They can handle splashes and short showers, but that's about it. For the sale price you can't go wrong, and I'll be buying another pair whilst they're on offer. As for the regular asking price...they've got to be joking.
  • 1 out of 5
Comfortable but problems, 08 May 2012
By sbw (Lennoxtown)
These boots are very comfortable but like one of the other reviews an eyelet popped off. GO replaced the boots, a few weeks later another eyelet popped off. Fixed successfully with superglue. Boots very comfortable for walking but about as waterproof as a paper bag.
  • 5 out of 5
50 Peaks boots, 20 February 2012
By Daz (Wittering Cambs)
What good value. Wife and i just bedded ours in around Kielder Northumberland last week, feet stayed warm and dry. Great value for money for the entry level or casual walker like us. We even did a bit of river walking/crossing, and with gators and waterproof overtrousers, we still stayed dry. V recommended indeed.
  • 1 out of 5
Broke within a hour of purchace, 29 November 2011
By rc10andy (Chesterfield)
Tried them on in the shop and they felt fine, got them home and put them on in the house and the eylet popped off. Second pair of boots ive had from Go Outdoors that have broken.
  • 5 out of 5
Can't Complain, 01 August 2011
By Thomo1983 (Yorkshire)
I've had these boots for a couple of years now and they've never let me down once. I've been up to my ankles in water, climbed up slippery and rocky slopes and walked home in 9 inches of snow after abandoning the car and they've always been brilliant. I have often gone to get far more expensive boots but in the end always stuck with these...after God knows how many miles, they're the first thing I pack when I'm heading out...which is pretty much every weekend! A true bargain.
  • 1 out of 5
NOT waterproof, 01 August 2011
By drt (Clydebank)
Very comfortable boot but unfortunately the boots are anything but waterproof. They got absolutely sodden in wet grass on the hills.
  • 1 out of 5
No good!, 14 May 2011
By Johnbhoy (Ayrshire)
Only good for walking dog and after a month or so I could only describe them as showerproof. Other than that they are a reasonable priced general wear boot but not in anyway good for anything other than road walking!
  • 4 out of 5
Excelent boots, 04 April 2011
By leasat (Edinburgh)
A very substantial pair of boots, good ancle support and comfortable, been useing them for work and everyday use. Also good value for money, found sizing quite small and had to go up a size but would defanatly recommend
  • 1 out of 5
No Good, 13 January 2011
By Hiking Vin
I bought these boots in august to walk up snowdon, they did the job and I thought I had got myself a great pair of boots at a good price but now only 5mths later and not that much walking due to it being winter the suede as given up the ghost and got a hole in it, I wouldnt buy again..Buy cheap buy again and in this case this is true...But saying that go outdoors is a great shop with a great range of boots so I will be going there for a new pair (but not a pair of these RUBBISH) !
  • 3 out of 5
Fair price, 28 December 2010
By Jai
Comfortable and sturdy for hill walking. Reasonably priced.
Downside is not being really water-proof- walking through wet grassland for 15 minutes makes it squelch. And the insole becomes slippery. Not very quick to dry.
Buy this if you want to use it for dry weather, but NOT for rain/wetland.
  • 2 out of 5
ok buy, 18 December 2010
By Andybebbs (Bristol)
These boots were purchased for me by my work and the reason I chose them was because they say on the go outdoor website that they are waterproof and breathable.
Now these boots are Definitely NOT and I repeat NOT breathable and as for waterproof not tested that yet but due to your feet being soaking wet with sweat after a couple of hours use waterproofing seems to be the last of your worries.
When I asked one of the outdoor assistants about these boots today (17-12-2010) he said they are sort of breathable but if I wanted proper breathable boots I should spend more money.
would I buy these again NO
  • 5 out of 5
Excellent Buy, 16 September 2010
By Damo1306 (Northallerton)
I bought a pair of these last june as my regular camping trips had started to include a bit of Hiking. These boots are brilliant, whether Im camping or even just at home I always seem to be in them. They were an absolute god send when we had snow over winter whilst walking to work, a lot lighter than a wellie and I didnt slip once. My pair are starting to look a bit worn and I'll be definatley buying a new pair.
  • 4 out of 5
Comfortable & affordable, 31 May 2010
Worn these a couple of times now. They are so comfortable you forget you are wearing boots! I've not used them in wet conditions yet, so can't comment on how waterproof they are. I might give them a precautionary spray with some waterproofing anyway.

These are my first non-leather boots, so a step into the unknown, but so far so good. It will be interesting to see how long the soles last - my previous pair of Hi-Tecs wore out fairly quickly. Still, at less than £40 I'll be happy as long as I get a couple of years out of them.
  • 4 out of 5
kruger waterproof boots, 29 April 2010
By speed (cardiff)
Excellent value for money the most comfortable walking boot that I have come across in a long time it does exactly what a walking boot is supposed to do . I would highly recomend this product .
  • 5 out of 5
Wow, what a boot!, 31 January 2010
By dcoutdoors
Fantastic lightweight, waterproof boots at a price that leaves money still in your wallet. Hi-Tec have made a good boot here. I've ended up wearing them most the time aswell as hardy walks out and about.
  • 5 out of 5
Best foot forward, 26 January 2010
By diesel
I have purchased two pairs of the Kruger boots because they are an outstanding boot with all the features I need, waterproof, breathable, light, afordable and hard wearing. I have my boots on for 14 hours aday, long shifts on my feet and I still feel fresh. I have recommended these to a friend and he now has a pair.
  • 5 out of 5
What a bargain!, 26 January 2010
By Mr_T (Wolverhampton)
Just bought these boots ready for our upcoming holiday in Snowdonia, have worn them a couple of times to break them in. I wore them when I visited our local GO Outdoors store and someone came up to me to ask where I bought them! I said 'Here actually!'. You can't get a better advert than that!!
  • 5 out of 5
Great boots at a great price, 26 January 2010
By Amanda (Aberdeenshire)
My old boots were used every day for dog walking and gardening. Sadly they gave up the ghost last month and started letting in water at the heel.

I began looking for an inexpensive, lightweight replacement. The Hi Tec Krugers have proven to be just the job and perfect for my needs lightweight and waterproof for all the recent snow and rain and have just the right amount of ankle support for uneven terrain. I've recommended them to my neighbour who was on a lookout for a new pair of all purpose boots. Five stars for the Hi Tec Krugers.
  • 5 out of 5
great value comfort, 26 January 2010
By Tabz (Somerset)
These boots are sturdy and well fitting around your ankle. They provide both support and freedom of movement. They are springy and comfortable on the soles of your feet. I have been really impressed with these they are a great buy for my first walking boot, they have seen me right at festivals, while camping, fossil hunting and walking the dog. Feet stay warm and dry. Very pleased overall.
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