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Hi Gear Enigma 5 Family Tent Reviews

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  • 4 out of 5
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  • 4 out of 5
Enigma 5, 12 September 2014
By Mazda MX5 (Manchester)
Excellent value plenty of room for two - five
front area ideal to sit in. Easy pitch time dry through tough weather conditions.
suggestion could do with additional internal pockets and hanging points / tabs for lights...
For the size the tent pitch time was easy with just 3 main support poles...
Great value...
  • 4 out of 5
Hi gear enigma 5, 01 September 2014
By satisfied (Ware, Herts)
Excellent value for the money, footprint an excellent idea marking out area to pitch tent.
Only problem with tent in windy weather is the door which is basically open at the bottom edge.
Canopy is excellent once erected but instructions obviously translated from some foreign language and difficult to work out without pictures.
I would wholeheartedly recommend for small familys, 5 might be a problem with sleeping space
  • 4 out of 5
Good Value, 29 August 2014
By D&D (Maidstone Kent)
We are complete novices to camping and decided to give it a go. We bought the whole bundle including canopy.

Arrived at the campsite and found this tent simple to put up between the two of us. The canopy was just as easy to erect as well. We had plenty of room for us and the dog a German Shepard we installed his cage in the living area and had our chairs in there with room to spare. We kept our cooking unit and table under the canopy and found we had plenty of room.

We were away on the bank holiday weekend and on the monday it rained hard from 4am til 11pm Happy to report no leaks we stayed nice and dry. Just us easy to take down and pack away. Would recommend it for couples who want some extra room or families of five with young children. Carpet is a must made it much nicer underfoot. Husband is 6'3 and could stand without stooping inside the living area. No problems with the bedroom. More than enough room for a double airbed our suitcases and bits and bobs. Would reccomend buying some stick on velcro for the carpet to keep it in place a bit better. Overall loved it.
  • 5 out of 5
Good value, 08 August 2014
By Adam (Oldbury)
Before having children I was a seasoned camper and thought it's time to get the kids into camping brought this tent as I didn't want anything to cheep but I didn't want to spend to much we went for the full bundle with the canopy well worth it for some extra space and somewhere nice to sit on the night had no rain yet but held up well with the wind. Only negative was the tent pegs are flimsy but they are with any tent . We fit 2 adults and 3 small children in
  • 4 out of 5
Good value, 05 August 2014
By flashdonut (Bradford)
For the price this is a quality tent. Five people would struggle though. Easy to put up too.

I would avoid the review by 'galaxy36'. These comments ''holding the poles up in the middle whilst in the tent and found it easier to put the front poles in once the 2 cross ones were in....'' are obviously for a different tent. There's only three poles, no cross overs. You don't stand in it whilst erecting.
  • 1 out of 5
pay more and get a better tent, 11 July 2014
By galaxy36 (Birstall)
We bought this tent and erected it in the garden for a praactice and one pole shattered which meant trailing back to get a replacement as we had not even slept in it then we were given another replacement.

Went away in it for 2 weeks in Cornwall and have just returned last weekend.
Plus side it is Easy to erect (we are experienced campers tho') although I would imagine newbies would struggle with holding the poles up in the middle whilst in the tent and found it easier to put the front poles in once the 2 cross ones were in. The inner tent has a fault down one side (white line).

The inner lining after a couple of nights have gone brown and discoloured in patches, there looks like water stains on the fabric which are grey in colour. We had all the vents open every night and even during the day when we were out of the tent. (We have previously had a Vango tent and never experienced this before!).

The front door is supposed to roll up but the loop to hook it up is missing on one side.

What attracted us to this tent was it was slightly bigger than our Vango and had a built in groundsheet which helps stop draughts and creepy crawlies getting in and had vented doors which we left open even when we were out for the day.

Wouldn't buy another one and would recommend to spend a little more and opt for a Vango or an outwell.
  • 4 out of 5
Great size, a few niggles, 27 June 2014
By beebee (Swindon)
Bought this tent on a special deal so paid a very reasonable price for it, £40 less than the discount card price was and way below the rrp. I would recommend you do a practice pitch of the tent as the instructions aren't amazingly helpful (for one thing, it's easier to put the poles together AS you thread them through the fabric, not before as instructed), so you could struggle if turning up to a campsite and trying to pitch for the first time in the dark or rain! It took us about 30 mins to pitch with 2 people, it would be a lot easier with more than two as once one pole is in one person has to hold that up until all 3 poles are in place.

It's really spacious inside and anyone under about 6 foot can stand up easily. There's an outlet for an electrical hook up cable which is great and some handy little pockets in the bedroom, which is fab as I always lose any small items when camping. You can fit a double airbed in the bedroom area and a table and chairs easily in the living area along with all your stuff.

The downsides- I find it odd that the living area doorway doesn't have a zip on it so you can't 100% seal it against the outside! Just seems strange that it doesn't have one and I may have considered other tents if I'd realised, although it wouldnt have put me off completley. It does feel slightly unsafe though as I usually zip the tent and lock it with a padlock both when I'm out and when I'm sleeping. You can do this with the bedroom section I guess but I'd rather do the outside!

The inner bedroom uses hooks to attach to the outside skin of the tent- we found that the hook at the back kept coming off, and then you had to unhook one whole side and crawl round the back to re-hook it. A clip would have been much better than a hook to stop this happening.
  • 5 out of 5
hi gear enigma 5, 22 June 2014
By happycamper (liphook)
Às novice campers this tent was straightforward to put up and also take down again. We fitted 4 airbeds snuggly into bedroom compartment and plenty of space in the main section for all our stuff. Lots of headroom too which is great. No problems during thunderstorm on 1st use. Ideal for family breaks and add-ons available in future if we need them. Love it!
  • 4 out of 5
Enigma 5, 05 June 2014
By TerryT (B46 1Ba)
We had more comments and looks because we had the double blow up sofa than about the tent. There was plenty of room for it
  • 4 out of 5
Enigma 5 package, 05 June 2014
By TerryT (b46 1ba)
My girlfriend came.with me.once camping.... and loved it......except.for.the space.
So I bought the Enigma5 package after.doing much internet searching.
Was fairly easy to.put up, in the dark, with a horizontal force 4.
We left the canopy til the following morning when the sun was out.
There's plenty of space in all the right places and the canopy is a perfect addition.
We did have some fierce rain and wind but apart from the back end of the canopy, the tent was perfect.
The only negative points are
1) the string to hold the rolled up door is too short. To get it around the door will be putting pressure on the zip ends. I know this is going to end in tears after some use.
2) the canopy did pull off the tent edge a couple of times in the wind and rain. Maybe I need to check how the guy ropes and poles fit.
  • 4 out of 5
Enigma 5, 02 June 2014
By Foni (Glasgow)
Bought this tent and went out as newbies. Put it up in 30 minutes. It then rained and the wind blew. Tent held up well. It needs something to fasten the bottom of the door to the ground sheet as it lets in some draught. Plenty of space for 2 cannot imagine 5!
  • 3 out of 5
OK, 28 May 2014
  • 2 out of 5
Great size BUT . ., 25 May 2014
By Tigger (East midlands)
Great size ideal for 2 for the weekend might get 3 in at a push but no more certainly not 5!!! Love everything about it until it rained!!! Doesn't seem to be water proof at all seems it is only a fair weather tent don't try it in a shower!!!
  • 4 out of 5
Enigma5, 23 April 2014
By TerryT (b46 1ba)
Tent went up in 20 mins even with the wind blowing the canvass horizontal in the failing light. Well worth the extra £'s for the canopy, footprint and carpets.
Only faults:
The strings to hold the door rolled up are too short. It fits, just, but I fear will be putting too much strain in the zips ends and will cause a failure.
In high wind, the trailing edge of the canopy blew off the leading edge tent poles. Will have to look at an alternative fixing method.
We had light rain with wind and the tent remained perfectly waterproof. There was plenty of height. And it was easy to pack away, and I'm glad to see the bag is plenty.big enough. Normally you need to shrink wrap a tent to get it back in the bag.
All in all, the tent scores 9.5 from 10. Sort the door lanyards and the canopy and its a full on 10/10
  • 5 out of 5
great space!, 21 March 2014
By camper22 (weston super mare)
Great tent. Easy to put up only 15mins by daylight 25 in the dark!!!! Amazing space. My son is 6ft 5 and and can almost stand upright inside. Good with the electric hook up panel. You also don't loose it in the dark on the way back from the pub due to fantastic bright colour.
  • 5 out of 5
ENIGMA 5, 26 February 2014
By claire (Reading)
so hubby and I have today purchased this tent ready forthe racing season to begin as hes a race marshal so it will have lots. lets hope it holds up as the spec is better than the original we were going to buy.... watch this space
  • 4 out of 5
Enigma 5, 15 September 2013
By Ryola (South Yorkshire)
Bought this tent for me and the girlfriend to take our newborn camping next year, we went to go outdoors where the staff were extremely helpful showing us the benefits of this tent. Its plenty big enough for us to get the 3 of us in with the buggy and travel cot. Not actually used it yet but can say its definitely gunna be worth the money
  • 5 out of 5
Great value - loads of space too., 27 August 2013
By Tricky Tree (Bromsgrove)
We bought this as an uograde from our 3 person tent simply because we wanted more space to ensure we could keep things inside in cases of inclement weather. It is sturdy, easy to put up and is big enough to have four adults around a table in the living space. As with most tents, you wouldn't get the advertised '5 persons' in it that easily (unless with no luggage and the smallest carry mats) but we think it is a great tent for the money.
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