Fat Bike fun with the Calibre Dune!


Spring might be around the corner but the wet and wintry weather is still lingering on. So with sloppy trails and no end in sight, why not embrace the mud (and maybe even snow) and treat yourself to a fat bike?

Two Wheels Better took a first look at our Dune and a range of customer reviews from the Go Outdoors website to get an idea of whether the Dune is a budget blaster to be reckoned with.

Their verdict? We’re thrilled to see the team at Two Wheels Better were impressed with the look and that it “didn’t feel like a cheap bike” following a quick spin at Mountain Mayhem.

Why not take a look at their full review and even some of our customers’ thoughts here: http://twowheelsbetter.cc/bikes-gear/calibre-dune-fatbike-from-gooutdoors-first-look/



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One Response to Fat Bike fun with the Calibre Dune!

  1. Tom Chapman says:

    Looks like a fun little bike! I wouldn’t object to taking it for a spin now the weather is getting much warmer. I do some work with Trimetals and I must admit, Its making me want to dust off the old handlebars again!

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