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What needs to be done to make cycling safe?


We asked our customers: “What can be done to make cycling on roads safer?”

The whole subject of cyclists and road users is a bit of a minefield, it still divides opinion like little else in the outdoor world. So when the government recently announced a £94 million investment into cycling in England, it caused quite a heated debate among our customers about what should, or what could be done to bring the UK alongside the continent when it comes to cycle safety.

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Basecamp Events coming to GO Outdoors stores


GO Outdoors stores encourage local walkers with advice event

Over the next few weeks GO Outdoors stores around the country will host Basecamp events in store.  These events will offer advice and safety tips to local walkers, as part of the walk around the world in 80 days challenge. For a full list of dates and participating stores. Read more

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