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New GO Outdoors Lorries


Keep an eye out on the roads for visions of the UK’s national Parks GO Outdoors

To help get all the outdoor goods to our stores we’ve enlisted and dressed up a few lorries to do all the hard work. Why not keep an eye out when you’re out on the road for a lorry that looks a little something like this.. Read more

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Time for a Re-Boot?


Keep your feet dry through wetter months with waterproof boots 

On a day in the hills, your boots have a tough task: providing support when it’s rocky, grip when it’s slippery and waterproofing when it’s wet. At this time of year even if it’s dry overhead it might not be underfoot, so be sure to treat your feet to a boot that’s up to the task. Read more

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UK Woman first to Cross Antarctica Solo


Felicity Aston gets her name in the record books

The hay day of exploration may be long gone, there doesn’t seem to be many ‘firsts’ left to grab on the surface of things. That didn’t stop Felicity Aston who has become the first female to cross the content of Antarctica alone. The record came in late on Sunday with her support team tweeting about just how proud they were of the achievement. Read more

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Ever thought of Wild Camping?


We take a look into camping off the beaten track. 

It’s a new year and one of our themes for 2012 is ‘Give it a GO’ where we want you to try your hand at a different outdoor activity. In this blog we’re going to take a look into the subject of wild camping and backpacking in the UK. While pitching a tent off the beaten path may sound like an easy task, there are some rules you will need to follow so as not to get into trouble. Read more

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Top Celebrity Camping Companions


Which famous person would you take camping with you? 

In honour of the announcement that the Duchess of Cambridge would become a volunteer with the scouts, we decided to take to twitter and Facebook to ask our customers which famous people they would most like to take on a camping trip and why. Can you guess who the favourite was? Read more

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New Years Resolutions


Happy New Year from all of us at GO Outdoors.

It’s that time of year where the Gym starts to fill up, the salads fly off the shelves in the supermarkets and the most people try to give up smoking. What was your new years resolution for 2012? We took to Facebook and Twitter to ask our customers if they had made a resolution to try out some new activities in 2012 and we were thrilled with the response. Read more

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