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Lake District looking for Junior Rangers


A UK National park looks to add youth to it’s ranks of Rangers.

A few times this week on here ive spoke about the importance of giving younger people a reason to get involved in the outdoors. We’ve spoke of shocking statistics of teens and youngsters claiming they don’t spend any time outdoors and rarely visit greenery.

Lake District National Park has come forward with a new scheme in which they will be looking for teens to become their first ‘Junior Rangers’. Reports state that Ruth Kirk who has been appointed to manage the scheme is busy putting together plans which will kickstart around  Read more

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Walk Tall


News suggests mountain walking is as safe as it was 30 years ago!

Great news if you’re a walker or a climber, or even if you’re part of Mountain Rescue as according to The Mountaineering Council of Scotland, mountain rescues have fallen to the lowest recorded point in the last 30 years.

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Ben Nevis Gets involved in the Olympic Build Up


Britain celebrates ’1 year to go’ until the Olympics with a series of events. 

We recently passed the 1 year to go mark until London 2010, by now those of you who tried to get tickets will know if you were successful or not, and the nation steps it up a gear in terms of preparation for the biggest event to hit the UK in a good few years.

Over last weekend around 1200 events were held across Britain including a 26 strong team lead by climbing traditionalist Dave MacLeod sumited the North Face of Ben Nevis.  Read more

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Barking Mad


What to wear for dog walking in all conditions! 

Following the story that Kherson in the Ukraine now has a law that states it is “illegal for dogs to bark between the hours of 10pm and 8am”  in order to ensure a quieter community, we wondered how the animal loving Brits would take a similar law! As well as being hard to enforce, this law would have to account for the 27 million pets in the UK!

Read more

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Best Tents for the British Summer


GO Outdoors Top Five Tents for tackling the unpredictable Summer.

If there’s one thing you can never predict, it’s the British weather, so we’ve selected 5 of the best tents for all weather conditions to help you camp through the summer in comfort and style!

The best thing about get a family sized tent is that it’s going to give you the space you need.  Larger tents also offer extras like canopies, porches, footprints and carpets, that can all take camping to ‘glamping’ without spending too much. Read more

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Relieve stress with the outdoors


A five minute walk on your lunch break could lead to great health benefits.

We’re not all lucky enough to work in the greenest areas of the country, many of us are city folk and studies show that people surrounded by inner-city living and working are generally more susceptible to stress and stress related illness.

People have been telling you to get outdoors since you were young, enjoy the sunshine, and in modern times – put down that games controller! Scottish Natural Heritage is currently urging workers in Glasgow to get out of the office on their  Read more

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National Parks Week


Stuck for something to do with the kids? It’s National Parks Week!

Britain is considered blessed for the sprawling greenery of our national parks, and this week (July 25th – 31st) we celebrate these wonderful areas of the outdoors with various events happening across all the sites.

This years National parks week is said to be great fun for all ages and abilities, whether you are deer watching in Exmoor, or learning of myths and legends in Dartmoor there is plenty Read more

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Safety First


Tragic camping accident emphasises the importance of gas safety.

The importance of not using gas barbeques in enclosed spaces was sadly highlighted this weekend with the news that a camper died, possibly from carbon monoxide poisoning after using a gas barbeque in a tent to keep warm.

Vincent Clare, 50, would have been unable to detect the gas, as carbon monoxide is both colourless and odourless. It is important that barbeques and stoves are never used in enclosed spaces to avoid a similar tragedy.

When used in the correct ventilated areas and ways, BBQ’s and stoves are very safe and new campers shouldn’t be discouraged from using gas to cook, but time should be spent on researching the correct manner to use these pieces of equipment.  Read more

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‘Cache’ The Latest Craze- Geocaching


We take a look at the world of Geocaching.

Remember treasure hunts as a child? Ever wish you could recreate these, on a global basis? Geocaching is the answer. An outdoor treasure hunt for everyone- adults, children, those in rural or urban areas -if you’ve got an iPhone, android or a handheld GPS system, you can get involved!

You might be feeling a bit puzzled and wondering ‘what is geocaching?’. If ‘trackables’ (traceable chips), ‘muggles’ (non-geocachers) and ‘TFTC’ (A ‘Thanks For The Cache’ acronym) are all Greek to you; here’s a quick guide. Read more

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Leaving On A Jet Plane


Packing tips for those Summer holidays.

Perhaps if you’re lucky- you’ve already jetted off somewhere, been camping, or been adventuring away from home. But maybe you’ve wanted to hold out for the cheapest deals- or to take a holiday before the kids go back to school. Perhaps, like plenty of others,  you’re now the proud owner of a last minute holiday!

If you’re in a rush to pack and leave, you need to get your luggage right! Depending on where you are flying to and what airline you’re using, your luggage allowance can vary. Many airlines charge more for you to take more than the bare minimum, so you need to pack smart to avoid getting stung! So what are the rules when it comes to baggage limits?
Read more

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How two faced! Two headed Ukrankian snake rears it’s heads.


Two headed snake found in Ukranian Zoo.

News of the two headed Ukranian snake has been the talk of the office today at GO Outdoors HQ. Based in a Urkranian zoo, a 2 foot long California Kingsnake comprises one snake’s body – with two totally independent heads.

Called ‘Skazka’ meaning ‘Fairy Tale’ after the Slavik tale of a two headed monster, the snake has been attracting plenty of fans at the zoo. Our snakes here in England aren’t too dangerous, and you’re out walking you’re more likely to meet an Adder or a grass snake than anything else.  Read more

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Bring Me Sunshine


A healthy dose of Sunshine could benefit you more than you think.

A new article has come out from the NHS advising the different levels of activity that adults need to undertake to stay fit and healthy. Many people have presumed that simple, daily activities like housework or non strenuous activity will suffice, when in fact; new guidelines tell us this is not the case. A minimum of 150 minutes a week of intense exercise that leaves you sweating with an increased heart rate is key. In England just 40% of men and 28% of women are meeting the new guidelines.

According to the NHS, the new advice for adults is that “adults aged 19-64 should try to be active daily and should do at least 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) of moderate intensity aerobic activity every week and muscle-strengthening activities on two or more days a week.” Read more

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World’s Largest Kendal Mint Cake Attempt


Kendal Mint Cake

Music and Mint Cake collide!

As the festival season marches on, Kendal Calling arrives July 29th until Sunday 31st of July. The event in Lowther Deer Park is already sold out and the excitement from festival goers is already starting to mount with names such as The Cribs, Blondie, Chase and Status and Frank Turner looking to top the bill.

Amidst the music over the weekend, a  few hard workers from Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe and Wilson’s Confectioners will be mixing and baking for the Sunday when they will be looking to set the record for the worlds largest Kendal Mint Cake. Read more

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Keep On ‘Ronning’…


‘Ronning’ of course refers to a man who still wows us here at GO Outdoors, running every single day- well into his 70’s. It is, of course, Ron Hill MBE.

Ronhill was started by Ron, as was Hilly. Ron was born in 1938 and has a variety of achievements, many of which are listed on his website.

In his 70's and still running every single day!

Here are a few.

Read more

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